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I am a foreign graduated. When I got out active Army, I was hired in the government position as a GS5 where I worked for a year. During this time, I was nominated as employ of the month. Even though I was happy with my job, my boss and coworkers, I wanted to get my education transfer to USA. Therefore, I decided to go back to school. Things did not go as planned. As a result, after a year, I was looking for a job again. I talked to my boss, and he said he needed a person like me, and I could have my job back, but I had to apply for it. Therefore, I applied for the same job, same position, same place on USA jobs website. To my surprised, I got a letter stating that I was not qualified for the job. I am almost sure that whoever received my application did not even open it. She just decided that I was not qualified for it. Later, I applied for other positions. I was never qualifying for the job. Once, I was qualified for the job, but I did not have long experience on this position. I was on the first five of the list, but even though I turned in the letter from the VA and my DD214 papers. I was in the list the non-veteran. I did not get that job. During all this time, I continued with my education. Today, I am finishing my M degree. I really would like to work for the US government. However, I wish that the person who read my resume and qualification be fair and honest.


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