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I am a Military Spouse who has previously worked for the federal government. I have applied for the same position at the same base now 6 times due to the facility opening, closing, and extending the position for now 8 months. When I contact the CPAC office they give you the run around. I am a very well qualified candidate who is part of the PPP program and was told I would get preference. But somehow it seems that as long as you are familiar the OPM hiring process you can manipulate it to hire the individuals you want to and not overlook spouses on the PPP program. When I asked the CPAC office about the PPP preference I was told, "that there are ways to get around it and it doesn't work." If we are developing programs to help Military families than we should make sure that the program works. If it can be manipulated so preference to individuals is not provided that just shows that there are too many loop holes in the system. This should be looked into.

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