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Hello Mr. Caverly,

Thanks for the question, it is an interesting one.

There are currently within the Federal government, two types of laws that govern Military Spousal Preference in hiring:

1. Laws administered by the DoD

2. Laws administered by OPM

If your concern is about DoD’s implementation of their military spouse preference, then your concerns would need to be addressed by DoD.

If your concern is about the application of veterans’ preference, specifically the derivative preference granted to certain spouses, mothers, and widows, then we can address your concern.

Based on your e-mail, it appears you are asking about the veterans’ preference laws administered by OPM. As far as the veterans’ preference (including preference granted to certain spouses) laws administered by OPM are concerned, you are correct.

In general, the order of consideration is preference eligible (veterans) and then non-preference (non-veterans) eligible. However, just as disabled veterans can receive 10 points added to their scores or can be placed ahead of non-veterans within a quality category, certain spouses/mothers/widows/ are treated the same. Based on their derivative preference, they are also given 10 points or placed ahead of non-veterans within a quality category.

I hope this answers your concern.

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