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I am excitied and eager to become a member of the civiliam service family but I am a little discouraged today. I have made several lists for the Cost/Price Analyst position and each time I am "not selected". I contact the appropriate person for a debrief only to discover that it is a sentence I need to add but at the end of the conversation, "I need to see more awards". My question is this: " If you the iniative is to make the process easier for a highly qualified person to obtain employment, then why am I consistantly being bumped because the private sector does not give awards and medals for performance? It would seem if I make it to the top 25 list, and I score 91 and above, I should be employed. I have been trying for 2 years with Redstone Arsenal. I just need some help dealing with this issue so that I can work. The unemployment rate would go down here if managers would not use this standard for positions such as these because no one from the outside would get hired.

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