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Several months ago, I applied for a position as a 10 point Vet for a position that I believed I was qualified for and provided the prerequisite (and what I believed adequate) documentation. While my account on still lists my application status as "Application Complete", nearly 90 days later, my application package has not been formerly reviewed for referral/non-referral to HR for consideration. Several days ago, after numerous inquiries to the agency representative, I finally received an email informing me that the position had been filled and that I was not considered because my resume did not reflect the "Special Requirements" requirements for the job, though there were no special requirements listed beyond the "Duties" description. While I believe initial reviews to be subjective, I believe I adequately addressed each area of the duty requirements listed in the Job Announcement in my application package, which included my resume, Qualifications Letter, online questionnaire and with the supporting documentation. In essence, my Veterans' Employment benefit was ignored without even being considered. After retiring from active duty, I worked as a defense contractor embedded in and working directly for the military in positions that were converted from active duty military positions to contractor positions to save government $$. Upon applying for the aforementioned civil service position, my resume was (as of this posting) deemed to not have the "Specialized Experience" necessary for a nearly identical position I had filled as a contractor for nearly 14 years. The grievance process in my situation is a gray area. I cannot question the decision of the reviewer, but I do not feel that credit is being given to Vets who have only known the military when civilians are doing the evaluations. I have filed a grievance with VETS, but do not expect anything to change, since the selectee is undoubtedly on the job and working now and I will be told that each agency works within its own framework, even if that framework is contrary to reforms outlined by the President. But if I "trusted" the new and improved system, according to my application status on USAJOBS,my account is still pending initial review. The system is not favorable to Vets!

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