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Welcome to the Hiring Reform Blog

Welcome to the Hiring Reform blog, a weekly discussion on all things hiring!

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Hello, I am trying to access to the intern application. Please provide me with the email address so that I can apply. Thank you

Hello,I’m a newly graduate this coming May 12, 2012 with a B.A. in Psychology and would like to partake in the Pathway program. When will everything be operational and how can I apply ?


Thank you for your interest in the Pathways Programs and the Recent Graduates Program in particular. Issued in December 2010, Executive Order 13562 established a Pathways Programs framework with three program paths tailored to recruit, hire, develop, and retain students and recent graduates. While the Executive Order created the Pathways Programs, they are not yet operational.

We are working vigorously to implement these programs and expect final regulations will be issued sometime this spring. Typically, there is a period of time between when final regulations are issued and when they become effective.

Once the Pathways Programs become effective, agencies may begin using them to hire and we will have more information on how to apply and where to find positions. Still, it may take some time before job opportunities are available. For additional information and updates as they are available, please visit and You may also want to bookmark these pages for reference.  

I hope this helps,


Hello, I have recently heard about the Recent Graduates Program and would like to know how to apply to the program. I graduated with a degree in meteorology and would like to gain experience with the National Weather Service. How do I apply to this program for the National Weather Service?

Ms. Nobles, thank you for your blog entry…we anticipate the regulation governing the Pathways program to be released Spring of this year.

Greetings, Are there any updates available about the release of guidelines for the Pathways Program? Thank you. Lucinda Nobles, MSA


Thank you for the question...unfortunately due to the fact that the PRIORITY PLACEMENT PROGRAM (PPP) is a Department of Defense(DoD) program, I am not in the position to offer any advice, information or suggestions.

Thank you for your blog entry…we anticipate the regulation governing the Pathways program to be released Spring of this year.

That regulation and supplemental transition guidance will give definitive guidance for current SCEPs and STEPs.

I hope this helps.

I am currently in a STEP position, with the current guidelines a STEP can convert to a SCEP. If the STEP and SCEP programs will be revoked is it still possible to convert? When the new Internship program becomes effective is it possible for a STEP to convert into the Internship Program?

I have been a GS-5 federal employee for nearly 12 years in the same agency; 9 of those in the same department. I have been trying to gain promotion in my department for some time and thought I finally had the best chance for it when we were told we had to take a priority placement person; not a displaced federal employee but the spouse of an active military. While I certainly do not have anything against the ability to hire spouses, I do have issues when it comes to the being overlooked for promotion in a position that I have already been doing for more than 5 years with no additional pay. Being a non-prior service employee, I feel as if I am the one being discriminated against because of those preferences they are afforded. I have been told by our personnel agency that there really isn't thing I can do about it and even if this person doesn't stay long because of the spouse's PSC moves or they just don't like the job (we've had that happen as well); then I have to go through the entire process again and was informed that the PPP list will always be pulled first. I do not have the luxury of moving away to find other employment in the federal government and even if I did; I fear this will always be the case when it comes to applying for higher paying jobs. I have the utmost respect for the military, coming from a military family myself, but realistically, I feel I should have the opportunity to advance as well.

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