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Thank you Ms. Marsh for the question.

We are hopeful that the final regulations for the Pathways Program will be final Spring 2012.

Ms. Duren,

Thank you for the blog entry.  

We encourage you to continue to apply for the positions that you feel you qualify for, and to ensure the record is clear: veteran's preference is the only hiring preference allowed in federal hiring law.

But if you have 15 years as a civil servant (tenure), you are eligible for reinstatement. It is important to note that reinstatement eligibility is not a guarantee for a job.  

Please visit this USAJOBS information page for all the details you'll need:  

I hope this is helpful.

Mr. Hasbrouck thank you for the blog question, a good one.

Agencies can merge the highest quality category with the next lower quality category when there are fewer than three eligible candidates assigned to the highest quality category regardless of the number of vacancies to be filled.

In your example, the agency is allowed to merge the highest quality category of 35 eligibles only when there are 2 remaining elgibles available in the highest category and vacancies need to be filled.

I hope this is helpful

Mr. Parrott thank you for your blog entry,

The Presidential Memorandum – "Improving the Federal Recruitment and Hiring Process", does not mandate 80 days as the time to hire, what it does prescribe is; “improve the quality and speed of agency hiring by: (i) reducing substantially the time it takes to hire mission-critical and commonly filled positions…”

Agencies have and continue to reduce the time it takes to hire mission-critical and commonly filled positions, and are making great strides toward the (non-mandated) goal of 80 days.

Also, the Presidential Memorandum instructs Agencies to “notify individuals applying for Federal employment through USAJOBS, an OPM-approved Federal web-based employment search portal, about the status of their application at key stages of the application process”.

It would be appropriate for you to contact the Agency you've applied with about their applicant notification policy.

Thank you Ms. Harris for your blog entry,

While I can't speak to the specifics of your various 'debriefs', I can tell you that gaining employment in the federal government is not predicated on the applicant's possession of performance awards, nor do the standards used to qualify federal positions include performance awards as a requirement.

A 91 score is an outstanding score, but if there is an applicant with a score of 92 or higher, that person would of course have a higher ranking.

I hope this information has been helpful.

Thank you Mr. Harmon for the blog entry.

These are great and specific questions.

While we're eager to answer you, the best forum to address the specificity and detail that your questions represent are best done if you email your questions to:

Our experts will be glad to provide you an answer to your questions.

Mr Haman thank you for your post,

Information pertaining to grandfathering will be addressed in the forthcoming transition guidance once the Pathways regulations are finalized.  

We are hopeful that the regulations will be final Spring 2012.

Ms. Burmester,

Thank you for the blog entry.

Agencies are not authorized to use FCIP as a hiring authority.

Individuals who do not have personal non-competitive eligibility, i.e. Scheduled A, VRA, etc., must be hired using competitive procedures, i.e. DEU.

We expect the Pathway regulations to be released Spring 2012.

I hope this helps.

Hi Ms. Leifert,

The federal government does not allow age preference in hiring.

I'm sorry to hear that you have not met with the success you've hoped for, please do not stop trying. This USAJOBS link can assist you in applying for federal employment:

I hope this helps

Hi Ms. Gordon,

Thank you for your service!

This USAJOBS link has many helpful resources that can aid you in your quest for federal employment:

I hope this helps.

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