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Our People & Organization Organizational Chart & Contacts

Office of the Director organization chart

Office of the Director

Position Name Phone
Director Kathy McGettigan * 202-606-1000
Executive Assistant Delicia Harrell 202-606-3821
Senior Cyber & Information Technology Advisor Vacant Position
Chief of Staff Vacant Position
Executive Assistant Vacant Position
Deputy Chief of Staff Vacant Position
Senior Advisor to the Director Vacant Position
Executive Assistant Torlanda T. Young 202-606-1000
Senior White House Advisor to the Director Jason D. Simmons 202-606-1000
Chief Management Officer Dennis D Coleman * 202-606-2938
Executive Assistant Vacant Position
Deputy Chief Operating Officer Vacant Position
Executive Director, Chief Human Capital Officers Council Veronica E. Villalobos 202-606-7992
Senior Adviser to the Director of Congressional, Legislative & Intergovernmental Affairs Teresa Nankivell 202-606-1000
Chief Privacy Officer Kellie C. Riley 202-606-2308

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Office of Communications organization chart

Office of Communications

Position Name Phone
Director Tim Curry * 202-606-2402
Deputy Director LaShonne Williams * 202-606-2402
Administrative Assistant Jean Smith 202-606-2402
Senior Speechwriter Vacant Position
Press Secretary Vacant Position
Digital Director Briana Kaya 202-606-2402

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Employee Services organization chart

Employee Services

Position Name Phone
Associate Director & Chief Human Capital Officer (CHCO) Mark Reinhold 202-606-2520
Executive Assistant Redmond Merrell 202-606-2520
Resource Management Vacant Position
Principal Deputy Associate Director Veronica E. Villalobos 202-606-7992 Ambassador Jamilah McDDonald 202-606-2443
Recruitment & Hiring
Deputy Associate Director Kimberly Holden 202-418-3218
Classification & Assessment Policy April Davis 202-606-1728
Hiring Policy (Staffing) Michael J. Mahoney 202-606-1142
Recruitment Policy & Outreach Carmen Andujar 202-606-1164
Pay & Leave
Deputy Associate Director Brenda L. Roberts 202-606-2858
Pay Administration Jeanne Jacobson 202-606-2858
Leave Administration Jennifer Melvin 202-606-2858
Pay Systems Mark A. Allen 202-606-2858
SES and Performance Management
Deputy Associate Director Stephen T. Shih 202-606-8046
Executive Resources & Performance Management Policy Barbara W. Colchao 202-606-2720
Work-Life, Leadership & Executive Development Julie Brill 202-606-5067
Senior Executive Resources Services Laura Lynch 202-606-2773
Partnership & Labor Relations
Deputy Associate Director Tim Curry 202-606-2402
Labor Relations Thomas R. Watcher 202-606-2930
Employee Accountability Debra Buford 202-606-2930
Partnership Manager Vacant Position
Strategic Workforce Planning
Deputy Associate Director Veronica E. Villalobos * 202-606-7992
Forecasting and Methods Shanaz Porter 202-606-1005
Federal Executive Boards Paula Bridgham 202-606-1251
Learning and Development Linda Datcher 202-606-2611
Program Support Group Renee M. Singleton 202-606-1868
OPM Human Resources
Deputy Associate Director, OPM Human Resources and Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer Andrea J. Bright 202-606-3590
Deputy Director, OPM Human Resources Janet A. Smith 202-606-4473
Staffing and Classification Tyshawn Thomas 202-606-2646
OPM Learning Janet A. Smith 202-606-4473
Employee/Labor Relations/Benefits Lisa Baker-Amos 202-606-0855
Program Development/HR Systems Ann Vicks 202-606-1318
Health Unit Brenda Conway 202-606-2140
Veterans Services
Director Hakeem Basheerud-Deen 202-606-3602

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Healthcare and Insurance organization chart

Healthcare & Insurance

Position Name Phone
Director Alan Spielman 202-606-4995
Staff Assistant Lorraine Waller 202-606-4017
Deputy Director Laurie Bodenheimer 202-606-1572
Chief Medical Officer Christine Hunter 202-606-4653
Pharmaceutical Program Manager Dele Solaru 202-606-0753
Resource Management Danny A. Cieslicki 202-606-0067
Healthcare Program Development & Implementation Merle E. Townley III 202-606-0243
National Healthcare Operations
Assistant Director Cindy Butler * 202-606-7019
Deputy Assistant Director Willie J. Powers, Jr. * 202-606-2956
Operations Program Manager Willie Powers, Jr. 202-606-2956
Program Analysis Group Jeffrey Moser 202-606-2517
Issuer Support & Evaluation Group Terry L. Schleicher 202-606-4774
External Review & Analysis Group Zachary Leskosky 202-606-7487
State Engagement & Analysis Group Wendi Moy Akin 202-606-1406
Federal Employee Insurance Operations
Assistant Director Margaret P. Pearson * 202-606-0087
Senior Advisor Lloyd V. Willliams 202-606-8176
Deputy Assistant Director Edward DeHarde 202-606-0522
Health Insurance I Sylvia Pulley 202-606-1938
Health Insurance II Stephanie Thompson 202-606-3818
Health Insurance III Sonja Jefferson * 202-606-2343
Individual Benefit & Life Jillian Gill 202-606-1689
Program Analysis & Systems Support Jay David Fritz 202-606-4148
Audit Resolution Angela Calarco 202-606-5139

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Retirement Services organization chart

Retirement Services

Position Name Phone
Associate Director Kenneth Zawodny, Jr. 724-794-7759
Administrative Operations
Deputy Associate Director Linda Bradford 202-606-4160
Executive Assistant Arminta M. Thompson-Smith 202-606-3803
Resource Management Marc I. Flaster 202-606-2115
Executive &Legislative Retirement Inquiries James Ketterman 202-606-1807
Benefits Officer Training & Development Karen E. McManus 202-606-0788
Quality Assurance Sandra Mitchell 202-606-5968
Retirement Policy Patrick J. Jennings 202-606-2323
Retirement Operations
Deputy Associate Director Nicholas (Nick) Ashenden 724-794-2005, x3214
Executive Assistant Christy Bernhart 724-794-7760
Deputy Assistant Director, DC, Retirement Operations Quinta Spear 202-606-2464
Deputy Assistant Director Robert M. Lorish 724-794-2005, x3750
Operations Support Pamela Israel 202-606-8179
Customer Services Joanne Herold 724-794-2005, x3363
Retirement Services & Management Douglas D. Berger 724-794-2005, x3207
Claims I Jennifer A. Norman 202-606-4310
Claims II Vacant Position
Disability, Reconsideration & Appeals Dianne Murdock 202-606-0513
Retirement Eligibility & Services Linda Fleming 202-606-0375

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Merit System Audit and Compliance organization chart

Merit System Accountability & Compliance

Position Name Phone
Associate Director Mark W. Lambert 202-606-2980
Deputy Associate Director Ana A. Mazzi 202-606-2980
Agency Compliance & Evaluation
Program Support Manager Chris W. Hammond 202-606-5262
Atlanta Manager (ACE-AT) Vonda Kenion 404-331-3451
Atlanta Team Leader Tony B. Williams 404-331-3451
Chicago Manager (ACE-CH) Joanne M. Plasky 312-353-0387
Chicago Team Leader (ACE-CH) Victoria Berlanga 312-353-0387
Dallas Manager (ACE-DA) Bruce E. McGilvray 214-880-4987
Dallas Team Leader (ACE-DA) Lynn Matherly 214-880-4959
Philadelphia Manager (ACE-PH) Paul S. Pelullo * 215-861-3084
Philadelphia Team Leader Victoria Percy 215-861-3084
San Francisco Manager (ACE-SF) Robert Trefault 415-281-7050
San Francisco Team Leader Patricia C. Burgess 415-281-7050
Accountability Program Manager Timothy P. Heath 404-331-3451
Classification Appeals, FLSA, Pay, & Leave Claims Program Manager Robert D. Hendler 215-861-3102
Delegated Examining Program Manager Linda M. Campbell 312-353-0387
Voting Rights & Resource Management Officer Jeremy J. Leahy * 202-606-4070
Administrative Officer Sherry J. Johnson 202-606-1030
Combined Federal Campaign Operations
Director Keith Willingham 202-606-2564
Internal Oversight & Compliance
Director Janet Barnes 202-606-3207

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Federal Investigative Services organization chart

National Background Investigations Bureau

Position Name Phone
Associate Director Merton W. Miller 202-606-2173
Executive Assistant Jody L. Montgomery 724-794-5612
Senior Advisor M. Colleen Crowley 202-606-1042
Division Management Jack Jibilian 724-794-5612
Business Management Lanier McCaskill 202-606-1042
External Affairs
Deputy Associate Director Lisa M. Loss 202-606-1042
External Affairs Donna L. McLeod 703-305-1003
National Training Center David A. Corwin 724-794-5612
Deputy Associate Director Mark P. Sherwin 724-794-5612
Field Management Chuck Dininger 724-794-5612
Counterintelligence Activity Jenny Wells 703-605-4096
Field Support Stephen Schooley 724-794-5612
Deputy Associate Director Jeffrey C. Flora 443-698-9400
Quality & Support Services James Cratty 724-794-5612
Investigations Quality Review Patrick Green 443-698-9300
Investigations Quality Review Randy DeMichiei 724-794-5612
Investigations Support Vacant Position
Management Services
Deputy Associate Director David M. Fitzgerald 202-606-1042
Management Services Laura Eury 724-794-5612

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Human Resource Solutions organization chart

Human Resources Solutions

Position Name Phone
Associate Director Joseph Kennedy 202-606-0900
Executive Assistant Shirl Sibley 202-606-1304
Principal Deputy Associate Director Reginald Brown * 202-606-1332
Center for Management Service
Deputy Associate Director Reginald Brown 202-606-1332
Human Capital Category Management Indu Garg * 202-418-4318
Resource Management Curt Marshall 202-606-2010
Human Resources Services Darrell Stewart 202-606-2579
Strategic Engagement Tim Letzkus 202-418-0353
Strategy, Operations and Support Megan Huss * 202-553-1260
Training and Management Assistance Program
Deputy Associate Director James McPherson 202-606-4667
Outreach Susan Stepanski * 202-606-1501
Training and Management Assistance Solutions Kenneth Munson 202-606-5222
Administration, Operations & Policy Robert Briede 202-606-1783
HR Strategy & Evaluation Solutions
Deputy Associate Director Leslie Pollack 202-606-1426
HR Strategy Jason Parman 816-426-7020
Assessment & Evaluation Henry Thibodeaux 202-606-4228
Administrative Law Judges Juanita Howard Love 202-606-3822
Federal Staffing Center
Deputy Associate Director Dianna Saxman 215-362-3154
Staff Acquisition Erika Vega 202-409-1370
USA Staffing Alesia Booth 202-606-1160
USA Hire Patrick Sharpe 202-606-2448
Center for Leadership Development
Deputy Associate Director Suzanne G. Logan 434-980-6220
Director, Federal Executive Institute Suzanne G. Logan 434-980-6220
Assistant Director Sydney Smith-Heimbrock 202-606-2762
Eastern Center/Training Delivery Sandra Wells 202-606-1032
Western Center/Custom Solutions William Bonds 303-671-1027
USALearning Will Peratino 202-418-3033
The Lab @ OPM (Innovation Practice) Elaine Thomas 202-606-1629

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

General Counsel organization chart

Office of General Counsel

Position Name Phone
General Counsel Kathie Ann Whipple * 202-606-1700
Special Counsel & Senior Advisor Vacant Position
Special Counsel Vacant Position
Executive Assistant Althea Elam 202-606-1700
Deputy General Counsel Kathie Ann Whipple 202-606-1700
Compensation, Benefits, Products & Services
Associate General Counsel Jason C. Foster 202-606-1700
Merit Systems & Accountability
Assistant General Counsel Vacant Position

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Executive Secretariat organization chart

Executive Secretariat

Position Name Phone
Director, Executive Secretariat & Resource Management Officer Jozetta Robinson 202-606-9166
Deputy Executive Secretariat Stephen D. Hickman 202-606-1941
Deputy Resource Management Officer Alita R. Bagley 202-606-5101
International Affairs Jill J. Feldman 202-606-5099
Regulatory Affairs Keira R. Jones

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Facilities, Security & Contracting organization chart

Facilities, Security & Emergency Management

Position Name Phone
Director Dean Hunter 202-606-2200
Executive Assistant Eva X. Lopez 202-606-7933
Administrative Operations
Director Mark A. Anderson 202-418-3214
Facilities Management
Director Mariano Aquino 202-606-4590
Facility Services & Logistics Marla Neustadt 202-606-2502
Building Operations Timothy J. Allman 202-606-1457
Safefty & Occupational Health Victoria Pearson 202-606-2220
Security Services
Director Kevin McCombs 202-418-0201
Physical Security Elvis Chase 202-606-2872
Security Assessment Dairel L. Rawson 724-794-7137
Personnel Security Melinda M. Davis 724-794-7112
Adjudication & Compliance Patricia Neiderhiser 724-794-7171
Adjudication & Clearance Processing Michael Price 724-794-7110
Special Agreements & Identity Processing Scott Kaminski 724-794-7128
Emergency Management
Director Sandra L. Hawthorne 202-606-5068
Sitroom Operations Dwayne Butler 202-606-7016
Emergency Actions Brien Gibney 202-418-9920

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Chief Information Officer organization chart

Office of the Chief Information Officer

Position Name Phone
Chief Information Officer David DeVries 202-606-2150
Deputy Chief Information Officer Robert M. Leahy 202-606-2150
Resource Management Nanci A. Petit 202-606-2348
IT Security Cord Chase 202-606-6210
IT Security/Security Operations Center Jeffrey Wagner 202-606-2571
Chief Technology Officer Vacant Position
IT Strategy & Policy
Associate CIO Juan C. García Rolón * 202-418-4362
Strategic Planning Vacant Position
IT Enterprise Architect Jason D. Kruse 202-606-3092
IT Investment Management Stephen L. Schultz 202-606-8089
Information Management Mary D. Volz-Peacock 202-606-4942
Quality Assurance Huy Le 202-606-1384
Freedom of Information and Privacy Act Trina M Porter 202-606-4417
Federal Data Solutions
Associate CIO Ashu Goel 202-606-2150
Data Management Marcel M. Jemio * 202-606-2150
Data Warehouse Victor A. Karcher, Jr. 724-794-2005, x3209
Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS)
Associate CIO Dovarius L. Peoples 202-606-2150
Web Services Ty Hughes 202-606-5974
Network Management Vacant Position
Data Center Heather Kowalski 202-606-1893
Program Office Support IT PMO Oliver Linzie 202-606-2445
Federal IT Business Solutions
Associate CIO Lawrence L. Anderson 202-606-2150
Retirement Services IT PMO May Cheng 202-606-7009
Federal Investigative Services IT PMO Eric Riutort * 202-606-2150
Human Resources Solutions IT PMO MC Price 478-744-2051
Employee Services IT PMO Michelle Gilder Early 202-606-2641
Health Care & Insurance & Merit System Accountability & Compliance IT PMO Juan C. García Rolón 202-418-4362
Federal Applications IT PMO MC Price * 478-744-2051

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Chief Financial Officer organization chart

Chief Financial Officer

Position Name Phone
Chief Financial Officer Dennis D Coleman 202-606-2938
Deputy Chief Financial Officer Daniel K. Marella 202-606-2638
Executive Officer/Resource Management Katina P. Cotton 202-606-4725
Program Analyst Dawn Pierce 202-606-1918
OPM Projects & Initiatives Teresa F. Williams 202-606-1414
Policy & Internal Control Thomas Moschetto 202-418-3149
Financial Services
Associate CFO Tonya R. Johnson 202-606-1531
Trust Funds Management Kenneth T. Harris 202-606-4275
Financial Reporting & Analysis Eric D. Still 202-418-3258
Cost Accounting & Analysis Kolo Babagana 202-606-1676
Budget & Performance
Associate CFO Margaret P. Pearson 202-606-0087
Management Analyst Fernando Santiago 202-606-0650
Budget Officer Vacant Position
Program Performance & Evaluation Jonathan Soileau 202-606-6524
Earned Benefits Programs Edward M. Callicott 202-606-1268
Financial Operations Management
Associate CFO Rochelle S. Bayard 202-606-4366
Financial Systems Operations Dorran C.F. Thompson 202-606-3189
Business Services & Operations Vacant Position
System Planning & Development Vacant Position

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Congressional, Legislative, and Intergovernmental Affairs organization chart

Congressional, Legislative & Intergovernmental Affairs

Position Name Phone
Director Janel Fitzhugh * 202-606-1300
Deputy Director Vacant Position
Executive Assistant Vacant Position
Legislative Analysis Janel Fitzhugh 202-606-1300
Constituent Services Kristen Soper 202-225-4955
Intergovernmental Affairs Officer Vacant Position

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Equal Employment Opportunity organization chart

Equal Employment Opportunity

Position Name Phone
Director Lashonn Woodland 202-606-2460
Lead EEO Specalist Yasmin Rosa 202-606-2460

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Diversity and Inclusion organization chart

Diversity & Inclusion

Position Name Phone
Director Zina B Sutch 202-606-0020
Administrative Assistant Vacant Position
Deputy Director Vacant Position
Deputy Director Sharon Wong 202-606-7140

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Office of Procurement Operations organization chart

Office of Procurement Operations

Position Name Phone
Senior Procurement Executive Juan Arratia 202-606-1984
Executive Assistant Eva X. Lopez 202-606-7933
Director, Contracting Elijah Anderson * 202-606-6429
Division Director, Contracting A Sheron Spann * 202-606-3209
Division Director, Contracting B Kristin L. Blackmore * 215-861-3011
Division Director, Procurement Policy and Innovation Gregory F. Blaszko 215-861-3112

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization organization chart

Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU)

Position Name Phone
Director Desmond Brown 202-606-2862

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Office of Inspector General organization chart

Office of the Inspector General

Position Name Phone
Inspector General Vacant Position
Executive Assistant A. Paulette Berry 202-606-1200
Deputy Inspector General Norbert E. Vint 202-606-1200
Chief, Evaluations & Inspections William W. Scott, Jr. 202-606-1839
Assistant Inspector General for Legal Affairs J. David Cope 202-606-1200
Assistant Inspector General for Management James L. Ropelewski 202-606-0846
Assistant Inspector General for Audits Michael R. Esser 202-606-1200
Assistant Inspector General for Investigations Michelle B. Schmitz 202-606-1200

Asterisks(*) denote Acting


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