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Our People & Organization Senior Staff Bios


Director's Office

  • Katherine Archuleta


    Photo of Katherine Archuleta

    Director Katherine Archuleta is a long-time public servant, who has distinguished herself as a leader on human resources and management policy in a variety of senior positions in local and Federal government…View Bio

  • Earl L. Gay

    Senior Advisor to the Director

    Photo of Earl Gay

    The Admiral comes to OPM following a distinguished career as a naval officer and aviator – Rear Admiral Upper Half. His many accomplishments include tours as Commander of the Navy Recruiting Command...View Bio

  • Chris Canning

    Senior Advisor to the Director

    Photo of Chris Canning

    Chris Canning serves as a Senior Advisor to the Director at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). Prior to being appointed to OPM, he served for eight years...View Bio

  • Ann Marie Habershaw

    Chief of Staff

    Biography text and photo not available at this time.

    Ann Marie Habershaw brings experience in leading organizations in the private and non-profit sector with a background in operations, human capital and finance...View Bio

  • Michael Grant

    Senior Advisor to the Director

    Photo of Michael Grant

    Michael Grant is a Senior Advisor to the Director and the agency's liaison to the White House. He brings to the role many years of experience in the Federal Government and at OPM...View Bio

  • Sergio Gonzales

    Deputy Chief of Staff

    Photo of Sergio Gonzales

    Sergio Gonzales brings a diverse background to OPM as someone who has worked in local and federal government and the non-profit sector...View Bio

  • Angela Bailey

    Chief Operating Officer

    Photo of Angela Bailey

    Angela Bailey has dedicated more than 30 years to public service, with more than 25 of those years in human resources. She has served as the Chief Operating Officer...View Bio

  • Justin Johnson

    Executive Director of the CHCO Council

    Photo of Justin Johnson

    Justin R. Johnson brings a variety of public service experience to the Chief Human Capital Officers Council. He has served in the legislative and executive branches...View Bio

  • Malik Walker

    Assistant Director, Office of Public Engagement

    Photo of Malik Walker

    Malik Walker is an assistant director in the Office of Public Engagement. He began his work at OPM in 2009 in the Congressional, Legislative, and Intergovernmental Affairs office...View Bio

  • Jane Lee

    Deputy Chief Operating Officer

    Photo of Jane Lee

    View Bio

  • Angela Kouters

    Director, Office of Congressional, Legislative & Intergovernmental Affairs

    Photo of Angela Kouters

    Angela Kouters is OPM's Director of Congressional, Legislative, and Intergovernmental Affairs. A seasoned Capitol Hill and campaign veteran, Kouters is the former chief of staff for...View Bio

  • Jennifer Tyree

    Office of Congressional & Legislative Intergovernmental Affairs

    Photo of Jennifer Tyree

    Jennifer Tyree is the Deputy Director of the Office of Congressional and Legislative Intergovernmental Affairs (CLIA) at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM). In this position she advocates for the legislative and policy priorities...View Bio

  • Carrie Wibben

    Senior Advisor for Security & Suitability

    Photo of Carrie Wibben

    View Bio

  • Jackie Koszczuk

    Director, Office of Communications

    Photo of Jackie Koszczuk

    Jackie Koszczuk is OPM’s Director of Communications. In that role, she directs the agency’s internal and external communications across multiple platforms...View Bio

  • Mark Anthony Dingbaum

    Director of Social Media, Office of Communications

    Photo of Mark Anthony Dingbaum

    As Director of Social Media, Mark Anthony is focused on using innovative online strategies to help recruit, retain, and honor a diverse, world-class workforce...View Bio

Program Directors

  • Kenneth Zawodny, Jr.

    Associate Director, Retirement Services

    Photo of Kenneth Zawodny, Jr.

    Kenneth J. Zawodny, Jr. directs the activities of multiple staff and line organizations in administering the Civil Service and Federal Employees Retirement Systems with annual disbursement of...View Bio

  • Mark Lambert

    Associate Director, Merit System Accountability and Compliance

    Photo of Mark Lambert

    Mark W. Lambert carries out the Office of Personnel Management's statutory oversight of the federal government's human resources programs and directs field operations in various U.S. cities...View Bio

  • John O'Brien

    Director, Healthcare and Insurance

    Photo of John O'Brien

    John O'Brien oversees the insurance programs for Federal employees including the Federal Employees Health Benefit (FEHB) program, which provides health insurance to over eight million Federal...View Bio

  • Alan Spielman

    Assistant Director, Healthcare & Insurance, Federal Employee Insurance Operations

    Photo of Alan Spielman

    Alan P. Spielman is the Assistant Director, Federal Employee Insurance Operations for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM). In this capacity, he is responsible for managing the negotiation and administration of contracts...View Bio

  • Christine Hunter

    Chief Medical Officer, Healthcare & Insurance

    Photo of Christine Hunter

    Dr. Hunter brings OPM over 30 years of experience in federal health care. As a Navy Rear Admiral and Deputy Director of TRICARE Management Activity from 2009-2011, she coordinated... View Bio

  • Hakeem Basheerud-Deen

    Director of Veterans Services

    Photo of Hakeem Basheerud-Deen

    View Bio

  • Merton W. Miller

    Associate Director, Federal Investigative Services

    Photo of Merton W. Miller

    Merton W. Miller serves as the Associate Director of Investigations. OPM's Federal Investigative Services is the Federal Government's largest provider of background investigations...View Bio

  • M. Colleen Crowley

    Senior Advisor for Suitability, Fitness, and Credentialing

    Photo of Colleen Crowley

    M. Colleen Crowley serves as the Senior Advisor for Suitability, Fitness, and Credentialing. Ms. Crowley is a principal advisor to the Director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management...View Bio

  • David M. Fitzgerald

    Deputy Associate Director, Management Services

    Photo of David M. Fitzgerald

    David M. Fitzgerald joined the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) Federal Investigative Services (FIS) in April 2014 as the Deputy Associate Director (DAD) for Management Services... View Bio

  • Joseph Kennedy

    Associate Director, Human Resources Solutions

    Photo of Joseph Kennedy

    Joe has spent 30 years in the field of human resources management. He is responsible for formulating and implementing human capital management strategies and policies to support Federal...View Bio

  • Kathleen McGettigan

    Deputy Associate Director, Human Resources Solutions

    Photo of Kathleen McGettigan

    As Deputy Associate Director for Human Resources Solutions Kathy provides reimbursable human resources products and services to meet the needs of the Federal government...View Bio

  • Reginald Brown

    Deputy Associate Director, Human Resources Solutions, Center for Management Services

    Photo of Reginald Brown

    Reggie Brown is responsible for implementing interoperable solutions/initiatives to enhance the performance of operational human resources processes...View Bio

  • George L. Price

    Deputy Associate Director, Training and Management Assistance Program, Human Resource Solutions

    Photo of George L. Price

    George L. Price joined the Office of Personnel Management in May of 2011 and is the Deputy Associate Director, Training and Management Assistance Program, Human Resource Solutions...View Bio

  • Leslie Pollack

    Deputy Associate Director, Human Resources Solutions, HR Strategy and Evaluation Solutions

    Photo of Leslie Pollack

    Dr. Pollack oversees reimbursable programs Federal agencies need to develop high performing organizations, including competency modeling, selection and promotion...View Bio

  • Dianna M. Saxman

    Deputy Associate Director, Human Resources Solutions, Federal Staffing Group

    Photo of Dianna M. Saxman

    Dianna M. Saxman joined the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) in November 1999. She is currently a Deputy Associate Director in OPM's HR Solutions Division...View Bio

  • Suzanne Logan

    Director, Federal Executive Institute

    Photo of Suzanne Logan

    Dr. Suzanne Logan heads the U.S. government’s development program for senior leaders as the Director of the Center for Leadership Development and Federal Executive Institute...View Bio

  • Maureen B. Higgins

    Assistant Director, Center for Leadership Development

    Photo of Maureen B. Higgins

    Maureen oversees interagency leadership and management development programs which offer high-quality learning experiences at residential learning environments and through programs...View Bio

  • Mark Reinhold

    Associate Director Employment Services & Chief Human Capital Officer

    Photo of Mark Reinhold

    View Bio

  • Kimberly Holden

    Deputy Associate Director, Employee Services, Recruitment & Hiring

    Photo of Kimberly Holden

    Kimberly leads and directs the Federal government’s efforts to recruit and develop America’s “best and brightest” to meet the challenges of the 21st century government...View Bio

  • Tim Curry

    Deputy Associate Director, Employee Services, Partnership and Labor Relations

    Photo of Tim Curry

    Mr. Curry provides policy direction and leadership in designing, developing and promulgating Government-wide programs for labor and employee relations. This includes working with Federal...View Bio

  • Sydney Smith-Heimbrock

    Deputy Associate Director, Employee Services, Strategic Workforce Planning & Chief Learning Officer

    Photo of Sydney Smith-Heimbrock

    Sydney leads Employee Services’ Center for Strategic Workforce Planning. Her team develops forecasts and strategies to position the Federal workforce for future requirements...View Bio

  • Stephen Shih

    Deputy Associate Director, Employee Services, Executive Resources & Employee Development

    Photo of Stephen Shih

    As Deputy Associate Director for Executive Resources and Employee Development Steve leads OPM’s office responsible for managing the overall Federal personnel program relating to the Senior Executive Service (SES) and other senior professionals...View Bio

  • Andrea Bright

    Deputy Associate Director, Human Resources & Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer

    Photo of Andrea Bright

    As the Deputy Associate Director for Human Resources and Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer, Andrea Bright provides executive leadership to the human resources program supporting OPM’s workforce...View Bio

Support Function Leaders

  • Dennis D. Coleman

    Chief Financial Officer

    Photo of Chief Financial Officer

    Dennis is responsible for managing OPM’s financial systems, budget, accounting and internal controls as they relate to financial matters. This includes financial oversight and...View Bio

  • Daniel K. Marella

    Deputy Chief Financial Officer

    Photo of Daniel K. Marella

    As the Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Dan is responsible for the full array of financial activities, both governmentwide for the OPM administered, employee earned benefit programs (assets...View Bio

  • Kim Farington

    Associate Chief Financial Officer

    Photo of Kim Farington

    She manages the financial, accounting, and reporting operations for all OPM programs, including the $900 billion Trust Fund comprised of the... View Bio

  • Rochelle S. Bayard

    Associate Chief Financial Officer, Financial Systems Management

    Photo of Rochelle S. Bayard

    Rochelle has served more than 17 years in management and financial systems development positions supporting several federal agencies and institutions of higher learning. She has managed...View Bio

  • Margaret Ponds

    Associate Chief Financial Officer, Budget & Performance

    Photo of Margaret Ponds

    Margaret leads the budget function and supports the performance management system. Her responsibilities include development, execution and reporting of appropriated, revolving and earned...View Bio

  • Veronica E. Villalobos

    Director, Office of Diversity and Inclusion

    Photo of Veronica E. Villalobos

    Veronica was appointed to the Senior Executive Service in October 2010. She currently holds the position of Director, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, with OPM...View Bio

  • Jonathan Foley

    Director, Planning and Policy Analysis (PPA)

    Photo of Jonathan Foley

    Jonathan is director, Planning and Policy Analysis, Office of Personnel Management (OPM). In that role, he manages a team that provides advice to the OPM Director on human resources...View Bio

  • Anne S. Easton

    Deputy Director, Planning & Policy Analysis

    Photo of Anne S. Easton

    Anne has been employed at the office of Personnel Management since 1999. She has a broad policy background, with particular emphasis on health insurance and the Federal Health...View Bio

  • Bernhard Kluger

    Deputy Performance Improvement Officer

    Photo of Bernhard Kluger

    As Deputy Performance Improvement Officer, Bernie Kluger supports the PIO in the development of stategies for OPM's achievement of its agency priority goals...View Bio

  • Steve M. Niu


    Photo of Steve M. Niu

    Steve supervises and manages the Office of the Actuaries to perform risk analysis and actuarial services for the Federal employee benefit and retirement programs. His office assists in the annual...View Bio

  • Jozetta Robinson

    Director, Executive Secretariat

    Photo of Jozetta Robinson

    Jozetta Robinson has nearly 25 years of Federal experience. Before joining the Federal government, she spent four years in the United States Marine Corps...View Bio

  • Sheldon Friedman

    Federal Prevailing Rate Advisory Committee (FPRAC)

    Photo of Sheldon Friedman

    Sheldon advises the Director of OPM on policy matters pertaining to the Federal Wage System (FWS)—the pay plan that covers the Federal Government’s 230,000 hourly employees...View Bio

  • Keith Willingham

    Director, Combined Federal Campaign

    Photo of Keith Willingham

    Keith develops policies, strtegies and provides oversight over a program that has grown to include nearly 25,000 charities world-wide. Since its inception, the program has helped raise almost $7 billion dollars...View Bio

  • Janet Barnes

    Director, Internal Oversight and Compliance

    Photo of Janet Barnes

    Janet is responsible for holding program managers accountable for operating efficiently and effectively in accordance with applicable policy, regulations and standards...View Bio

  • Donna Seymour

    Chief Information Officer

    Photo of Donna Seymour

    Donna K. Seymour is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). She is responsible for the information technology...View Bio

  • Joy S. Fairtile

    Deputy Chief Information Officer, Operations

    Photo of Joy S. Fairtile

    Joy S. Fairtile is Deputy Chief Information Officer for Operations for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM). She joined the CIO in January 2012. As the Deputy CIO for Operations, she is responsible for...View Bio

  • Dean Hunter

    Director, Facilities, Security & Contracting

    Photo of Dean Hunter

    Dean is responsible for oversight of OPM’s contracting, facilities management, publications, Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization, physical security, continuity, emergency...View Bio

  • Nina Ferraro

    Deputy Director, Facilities, Security & Contracting

    Photo of Nina Ferraro

    Ms. Nina Ferraro serves as Deputy Director of Facilities, Security and Contracting for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management...View Bio

General Counsel

  • Kamala Vasagam

    General Counsel

    Photo of Kamala Vasagam

    Kamala Vasagam brings nearly 20 years of legal experience spanning both the government and private sectors to her role as General Counsel...View Bio

  • Kathie Ann Whipple

    Deputy General Counsel

    Photo of Kathie Ann Whipple

    Kathie Ann Whipple serves as the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) Deputy General Counsel, where she oversees legal matters for the agency...View Bio

  • Praveen Fernandes

    Senior Counsel and Advisor to the General Counsel

    Photo of Praveen Fernandes

    View Bio

  • Teresa Gonsalves

    Deputy General Counsel

    Photo of Teresa Gonsalves

    Teresa A. Gonsalves joined OPM as Deputy General Counsel in July, 2014. In this role, she provides legal guidance on pending litigation and legal advice...View Bio

  • Alan Miller

    Associate General Counsel

    Photo of Alan Miller

    Alan has extensive experience as a trial attorney defending government contract claims against the United States before the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, and various appeals from lower tribunals...View Bio

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