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Hello Vibha,

I'll direct you to the USAJOB Student Programs site, it has all the information you'll need to understand what Pathways is and what it is not.  

Good luck in your endeavor.


Recently, I received an alert in my personal email about the top-35-veteran employers. Of course, I was curious...I wanted to see if my agency was listed. Unfortunately, I noticed that a majority of the top-35-veteran employers were from the civilian sector. I am positive that the hiring process will continue to improve. Perhaps benchmarking with the employers on the list would provide more insight.

Hi My name Is michelle and Im a full time grad student looking to grow professionally. I currently work in health care as a Nursing Assistant. I do not know who I need to talk to in reguards to submitting my resume for an interview. I alredy spoke with a army recruter and I may not be able to enlist because of some health issues i have. If anyone would respond with some advice i would gladly apreciate it. thank you everyone, Michelle

Let me start by saying that I am not a veteran nor I am married to one. I simply have a great desire to service my country in the capacity of federal employment. I have devoted my life to the study of government, politics, and community service. I have such good experience to contribute to federal employment but I am unable to get past the HR process. I have talked to several HR reps and asked why I was not submitted for one position or another and typically I am hearing that since I do not have additional points for being a veteran or displaced federal employee, I am not sent for a job. Some HR reps have told me that if I apply to positions in smaller towns, I would have a better chance of being transfered over for a job. I am applying for federal employment in any state and town. I have no prefernce on grade level, I'll work my way up from any grade. I have no preference in where I live or if I need to relocate. I just want to work for the federal government and I have not been successful in even getting an interview, after two years of applying. I am using the resource center on USA jobs and tailoring my resume to specific positions. I dont know what else to do. Please help me get hired!!!!

Pathways is FCIP and the so called Outstanding Scholar Program on steroids. Once Pathways is in place the MSPB and Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit is going to have to address whether it provides managers a means to evade hiring veterans. We have a long way to go.


Thank you for the blog entry.

As indicated in the proposed Pathways Programs regulations, to be eligible for the Recent Graduates Program, applicants must apply within two years of degree or certificate completion (except for Veterans precluded from doing so due to their military service obligation, who will have up to six years after degree completion). At this time, there is no provision to account for individuals who have received their degree or certificate over two years prior to the implementation date of the Pathways Programs. Please note: the Pathways Programs regulations have not been finalized, and are subject to change until published.


While some Recent Graduates could be affected by the two-year application time frame, they are still able to apply to entry-level positions via the competitive process or other hiring authorities as applicable, including those for Veterans and individuals with disabilities.

Ms. Rogers,

Thank you for the blog entry.

As indicated in the proposed Pathways Programs regulations, OPM will provide written guidance for the orderly transition of employees currently appointed as students under E.O. 13562 (Student Educational Employment Program) to the Pathways Program under E.O. 13562 and may revise that guidance as necessary.  

Contact your HR department for details about your current eligibility.

When the new Proposed Internship Program comes into effect in a few months, will all of the STEP/SCEP students be immediately transferred over to the new program? I am a STEP student and am in my fourth year of work in my current position. In December 2011 I will have graduated with an associate's and a bachelor's degree (not related) since working as a STEP student. I have fluctuated between full time and part time depending on my study workload. I am interested in being converted to a permanent position in the government and have read that at the completion of the Internship Program, a noncompetitive change to a permanent position is allowed. If I meet the qualifications of a completed Proposed Internship program student at the time the program comes into affect, am I eligible for the noncompetitive change to a permanent position? Thanks.

I started navigating my way and applying for positions through the previous Federal Career Intern Program just before that program was terminated in December 2010. The new Pathways Program seems to identify recent college graduates as those who have graduated in the past 2 years. Unfortunately for me, by the time the new Pathways Program is implemented I will be out of school for almost 3 years. I missed an entire 5-6 month window (while I was still out of school less for less than 2 years) to apply for positions because the old program was in the process of being closed. I hope that the Pathways program will be flexible enough to recognize this and allow individuals like myself to apply as recent college graduates. Given the circumstance, will I still be able to apply as a recent college graduate?

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