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Why is it so difficult to come back to the government? One would think that with prior experience and then additional senior level experience on the outside, it would be easy to come back to Federal Govt. Instead, it is almost impossible unless 'you know someone'! I am a former senior GS-15, with more than 15years with the Govt; never rec'd less than an exceptional rating. I left for a senior position with industry (7years), but the company was bought, so given the economy - thought it would be easy to come back. Instead I find out that my seniority means nothing, my senior level degrees and training mean nothing, experience on the outside means nothing. There is no preference for prior Govt, instead, it is 'who' you know. This is terrible as USAJOBs positions have upward of 300 applicants and you are lucky to even make the list. Why is this and why doesn't all of the previous time and effort put into the government count? It seems that it is a case of 'who you know' and most of the success is male. Why is there no prior federal service preference? Who do we talk to in order to be considered? Why does 15 prior successful years in the Federal service not count in selection?

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