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Combined Federal Campaign Reference Materials

You have reached a collection of archived material.

The content available is no longer being updated and as a result you may encounter hyperlinks which no longer function. You should also bear in mind that this content may contain text and references which are no longer applicable as a result of changes in law, regulation and/or administration.

Payroll Office Identifier by Department/Agency Name

Department/Agency NamePayroll Office Identifier/ ALC
Administrative Offices of the U.S. Courts 10005697
Advisory Council on Historic Preservation DOIHP00
African Development Foundation DOIAN00
American Battle Monuments Commission 74000001
Arctic Research Commission GSAAW
Barry Goldwater Scholarship Foundation GSAGE
Bonneville Power Administration 89001401
Bureau of Transportation Statistics 69001103
Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation GSABZ
Commission for Purchase from the Blind GSAHB
Commission of Fine Arts DOICF00
Commission on Affordable Housing & Health Facilities GSAZT
Consumer Products Safety Commission GSASK
Cooperative Extension Services, Auburn University 12050301
Cooperative Extension Services, Clemson University 12050341
Cooperative Extension Services, Colorado State University 12050306
Cooperative Extension Services, Fort Valley State University 12050358
Cooperative Extension Services, Mississippi State University 12050324
Cooperative Extension Services, North Dakota State University 12050334
Cooperative Extension Services, Oregon State University 12050337
Cooperative Extension Services, Purdue University 12050314
Cooperative Extension Services, University of Arkansas 12050304
Cooperative Extension Services, University of Delaware 12050308
Cooperative Extension Services, University of Hawaii 12050311
Cooperative Extension Services, University of Kentucky 12050317
Cooperative Extension Services, University of Nevada 12050328
Cooperative Extension Services, Utah State University 12050345
Cooperative Extension Services, West Virginia University 12050349
Delta Regional Authority GSADA
Department of Education DOIED00
Department of Energy 89000001
Department of Health & Human Services 75010098
Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs DOIIN06
Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management DOIIN05
Department of Interior, Bureau of Reclamation DOIIN07
Department of Interior, Minerals Management Service DOIIN23
Department of Interior, National Park Service DOIIN10
Department of Interior, Office of Surface Mining DOIIN22
Department of Interior, Office of the Inspector General DOIIN24
Department of Interior, Office of the Secretary DOIIN01
Department of Interior, Office of the Solicitor DOIIN21
Department of Interior, US Fish & Wildlife DOIIN15
Department of Interior, US Geological Survey DOIIN08
Department of Labor 16010001
Department of State 19009999
Department of State, Foreign Service Retirement & Annuity 19000001
Department of Transportation 69001103
Department of Transportation, US Coast Guard 69001103
Department of Veterans Affairs 36000200
Environmental Protection Agency 68010015
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission DOIEE00
Executive Office of the President OFFPRES
Executive Residence/White House DOIEX00
Export/Import Bank of the United States GSAEB
Federal Aviation Administration 69001103
Federal Bureau of Investigation 15020001
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 89021201
Federal Financial Institutions Exam Council GSAFI
Federal Highway Administration 69001103
Federal Labor Relations Authority DOIAU00
Federal Railroad Administration 69001103
Federal Reserve Board of Governors 28003333
Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board GSARF
Federal Trade Commission DOIFT00
Federal Transit Administration 69001103
Gallaudet University 75010095
General Services Administration GSAGS
Government Printing Office 04002222
Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation DOIHT00
Inter-American Foundation DOIIF00
International Trade Commission DOITC00
James Madison Memorial Foundation DOIBK00
Japan-United States Friendship Commission GSAUJ
Japan-United States Friendship Commission GSAUJ
JFK Center for Performing Arts GSASM
John C Stennis Center for Public Service GSALQ
Marine Mammal Commission GSAMA
Maritime Administration 69001103
Medicare Payment Advisory Commission GSAZL
Military Sealift Command, Atlantic 17062381
Military Sealift Command, Pacific 17062383
Milk Market Administration, Albany, NY 12250144
Milk Market Administration, Boston 12250114
Milk Market Administration, Cleveland 12250119
Milk Market Administration, Georgia 12250164
Milk Market Administration, Kansas 12250137
Milk Market Administration, Kentucky 12250136
Milk Market Administration, Minneapolis 12250141
Milk Market Administration, Texas 12250122
Milk Market Administration, Virginia 12250112
Milk Market Administration, Washington 12250166
Millennial Housing Commission GSAZQ
Morris K Udall Scholarship Fund GSAEO
NASA - Ames Research Center 80001201
NASA - Glenn Research Center 80000701
NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center 80000002
NASA - Headquarters 80000001
NASA - John Stennis Space Center 80000101
NASA - Johnson Space Center 80000004
NASA - Kennedy Space Center 80004904
NASA - Langley Research Center 80000501
NASA - Marshall Space Center 80004901
National Archives & Records Administration GSANQ
National Commission of Libraries & Information Science DOICX00
National Council on Disability GSANK
National Council on Disability GSANK
National Credit Union Association GSACU
National Education Goals Panel DOICG00
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 69001103
National Labor Relations Board DOINL00
National Mediation Board GSANM
National Science Foundation 49000001
National Security Agency 21006944
National Transportation Safety Board DOITB00
Nuclear Regulatory Commission 31000001
Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board GSABW
Office of Management & Budget OFFPRES
Office of Navajo & Hopi Indian Relocation DOIRE00
Office of Personnel Management GSAOM
Office of Thrift Supervision 20740001
Overseas Private Investment Corporation DOIGB00
Pension Benefits Guarantee Corporation DOIBG00
Presidio Trust DOIGJ00
Railroad Retirement Board 60009301
Research & Special Programs Administration 69001103
Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation 69004089
Securities & Exchange Commission DOISE00
Selective Service System DOISS00
Social Security Administration DOISZ00
Supreme Court 10005698
SW Penn Heritage Preservation Commission GSAIN1
GSAIN1 23000001
Tennessee Valley Authority 64009901
Trade & Development Agency DOIEW00
Transportation Administration Service Center 69001103
Transportation Security Administration 69001103
Transportation System Center 69001103
U.S. China Security Review Commission GSAZS
U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom GSAZP
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum DOIHD00
U.S. House of Representatives, Members' Services 0004831
U.S. Institute of Peace GSAAI
U.S. Senate 00004829
Utah Reclamation Mitigation & Conservation Commission DOIUT00

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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAAACT N/A N/A
Public Health Service PHSACT N/A N/A

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