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Combined Federal Campaign Reference Materials

CFC Memorandum 2006-24

December 22, 2006


This memorandum provides guidance to campaigns currently disbursing CFC funds electronically or planning to do so in the future. We strongly encourage you to implement this practice because it will create efficiencies and reduce costs to the campaigns and participating charities.

The 2006 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) application requested that CFC applicants provide information to enable the transfer of CFC disbursements electronically in lieu of the mailing of paper checks. Although the implementation of "electronic funds transfer" (EFT), is optional at this time, campaigns that implement this feature must ensure that charities receive complete information with the EFT disbursements.

Each electronic disbursement must be accompanied by an electronic report to the recipient organization via email. While it is not required that campaigns use a standardized report, electronic disbursement reports must include the following information, at a minimum:

  • Campaign Year (year when the pledge as made)
  • CFC Campaign Number (four-digit code assigned by OPM)
  • Disbursement Period (e.g. “2 of 4” or “5 of 12”)
  • Local CFC Office Contact Phone Number
  • Date of Disbursement
  • Total Amount of Disbursement

The email report does not need to be followed by a hard copy report. Campaigns that are unable to provide this information to recipient charities cannot make electronic disbursements. As with all CFC documentation, campaigns should maintain copies of this monthly report for three completed campaign periods. The copies may be maintained in electronic format.

The disbursement reports do not replace the requirement that campaigns notify charities of the amount of CFC contributions received and the names and contact information for donors who wish to be acknowledged for their gift. When possible, this report should be sent electronically to the designated charity.

Campaigns are responsible for the collection and maintenance of the data for local charities. The Office of CFC Operations (OCFCO) will provide the national/international disbursement data to campaigns, including email addresses for the points of contact in a password-protected Excel spreadsheet via email. The password to access the spreadsheet will be sent under separate cover. OCFCO will provide quarterly updates to national/international charity information via email as well. The PCFO is responsible for implementing safeguards to protect this sensitive data.

If you have any questions on this matter, please contact your designated CFC officer. Thank you for collaborating in this effort to make the CFC as efficient as it can be.

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