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I cannot login to e-QIP. What should I do?
e-QIP will requires all users to register by clicking the "Register for Username and Password" button on the right-hand side of the screen, inputting your Social Security Number (SSN) or request ID if you do not have a SSN, answering default Golden Questions, creating a username and password and then creating Challenge Questions. Username and password will be all that is needed to login after initial registration. Challenge Questions can be used to reset your password. If you forget your username you will have to contact your sponsoring agency for help. You may also need to contact your sponsoring agency to verify that you currently have an active request in the e-QIP system.

The e-QIP system is used by a wide variety of Federal contractor and military personnel, and it is important that each user contact the appropriate personnel for assistance in completing their questionnaire. Please pay close attention to the following options:

  • Federal, military, Department of Defense (DoD) employees or applicants, and non-DoD Federal contractors: Initial point of contact for Golden Questions resets, forgotten usernames and other technical support should be the local security or human resource official of your sponsoring organization/agency.Your sponsoring agency is typically the individual or office that emailed you regarding initiating your eQIP form.  They are able to provide your user name and reset your account if needed.  If your agency resets your account, you will need to register again.

    • NOTE for Military and DoD local security or human resource officials: The DoD Security Services (Call) Center is not able to view e-QIP or reset the Golden Questions for applicants whose e-QIP questionnaires are not initiated/managed within the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS).

  • Industry (DoD Contractor) employees or applicants: Initial point of contact for Golden Question resets and other technical support is the DoD Security Services (Call) Center at 1-888-282-7682.

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