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Notice No. 03-07

Subject: OPM Special Agreement Price Schedule

Date:  August 30, 2003

OPM's Center for Investigations Services offers numerous special investigative products to meet the varied needs of our customers.  The description and price of each of these products is shown on the reverse side of this notice.  The prices shown become effective October 1, 2003 and should remain in effect until September 30, 2004.

These Special Agreement Checks (SACs) are in addition to our background investigations described in Federal Investigations Notice 03-06.   OPM conducts SACs for agencies that want to obtain single or a combination of record checks for use in pre-screening candidates, resolving individual security/suitability issues, or fulfilling other agency mission related objectives.  We encourage you to contact your Investigations Program Specialist at (202) 606-1042 to discuss how OPM may be able to help meet your investigative needs with this wide range of case products.

Effective June 3, 2002, we implemented a price reduction for the "Electronic Fingerprint-Only" SACs.  You will find this price reduction on the reverse side of this notice.  The reduction is for those fingerprint-only submissions that are sent to us electronically via Live-Scan or Card-Scan technology to the fingerprint Transaction System (FTS) located at the Federal Investigations Processing Center, Center for Investigations Services (FIPC-CIS).

We will continue to offer our Reimbursable Suitability/Security Investigations (RSIs).  An RSI consists of a focused investigation to provide information to resolve issues developed on an individual.  The RSI should be requested in situations where an agency needs additional information to resolve issues that fall outside the scope of the investigation, or to establish a history or pattern of behavior.  A Special Interview (SPIN) may be requested as part of the RSI.  The Special Interview gives the Subject an opportunity to refute and explain information developed and to offer new information that they choose to provide.  Since pricing is based on the work needed to resolve issues, the RSI provides agencies with additional cost savings.

The RSI product is easy to request; for additional information please refer to Federal Investigations Notice 93-4, dated June 14, 1993, or contact OPM's Contract Management Branch on 724-794-5612.

Kathy L. Dillaman
Deputy Associate Director for Investigations


OPM-CIS, Customer Services Group, 202-606-1042

OPM-FIPC, Customer Services Group, 724-794-5612

Code:  736, Investigations

Distribution:  SOIs/SONs

Notice Expires:  September 30, 2004

Effective October 1, 2003





Fingerprint-only SAC (pre-print) for Federal Employee/Contractor
Submission of SF87/FD258 only

Exempt $7


Fingerprint-only SAC for Regulatory purpose (no exemptions)


Electronic Fingerprint - Only Special Agency Check

The electronic fingerprints are those submitted electronically via Live-Scan or Card-Scan technology to the Fingerprint Transaction System (FTS) located at the Federal Investigations Processing Center, Center for Investigations Services (FIPC-CIS).


Fingerprint - only SAC (pre-print) for Federal Employee/Contractor
Submission of SF87/FD258 only



Fingerprint Only SAC for Regulatory purpose (no exemptions)



Schedule basic NAC items (Codes A, B, C, D, and H)
Price includes $7 basic SAC charge



Basic rate with use of OFI 86C PLUS Code rates below



SII - Security/Suitability Investigations Index (and)
SIIF - related previous OPM files only



FBIF - FBI Fingerprint Classification (and)
FBFN - Name Check of FBI-CJIS files

Exempt N/C


FBIN - FBI IRM files (and)
FBNF - Name Check at other than Headquarters



DCII - Defense Clearance and Investigations Index (and)
DCIF - Any DOD file referenced in DCII



CRED - Credit Check (additional cost for bankruptcy reports based on fees charged)



SESE - Selective Service Check



MILR - Military Personnel Records Check



INVA - Retrieval of "Other" agency investigation (as recorded via OFI 79 Notification in SII



INS - Immigration and Naturalization Service Master Index



CIAS - CIA Security Office



BVS - Bureau of Vital Statistics



Spouse/Cohabitant NAC (In accordance with E.O. 12968 Top Secret/Q access)

Foreign Born Spouse/Cohabitant NAC




PERI - Periodicals



STSC - State Security





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