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Notice No. 04-04D - Attachment 2

Subject: Investigations Reimbursable Billing Rates for FY 2005 for the Department of Defense

Date: August 31, 2004

Notice to Department of Defense Submitters

Investigations Billing Rates - FY 2005

Effective October 1, 2004

Case Type


Case Type
Service Code

Billing Rate



















Special Interviews




Additional charges applied to any investigation shown above when developed information requires Subject re-contact for expanded information.

* Issue Resolution: The SSBI-PR, ANACI, and NACLC provided for the Department of Defense include routine expansion to resolve issues consistent with the Defense Security Service's (DSS) Decision Logic Table (DLT). Prices have been adjusted from OPM's regular price schedule to include this expansion and the recovery of transition cost.

Special Factors: A charge of $100 will be added for each Special Factor requested for the above products.

Reimbursable Suitability Investigation (RSI): The RSI consists of a focused investigation to provide additional specific information to resolve developed issue(s) that fall outside the scope of coverage. See FIN 93-4 for additional coverage. Varied Pricing Depending on Content

All SSBI-related products (requested on an SF86) will contain all coverage necessary for SCI access. The pricing of our SSBI-related products reflects this fact. The decision to eliminate multiple SSBI scopes was taken to advance the cause of Governmentwide reciprocity of security clearances and to bring OPM's investigative products in-line with those of the Defense and Intelligence communities.

Fin 04-04D

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