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My Annuity and Benefits Annuity Payments

2014 Annuity Check Payment Schedule

Use the table below to find the payment schedule for the 2014 retirement annuity checks. The first column Monthly Annuity Payment Dates shows the date annuity payments are due. The second column Last date to make changes to monthly payment shows the last day to make changes to check payable for the month in the first column.

For instance, January 17, 2014 is the last day to make changes for the payment dated February 1, 2014. Changes made on January 18, 2014 will be reflected in the payment dated March 1, 2014.

Reminders: Your retirement annuity is paid each month and covers the period for the previous month. For instance, your monthly annuity payment dated February 1, 2014 covers the period from January 1, 2014 to January 31, 2014. Most banks do not credit your annuity payment on a weekend or a holiday. If the monthly annuity payment date is on a Saturday or a holiday, your bank may not credit your account until the next business day.

Monthly Annuity
Payment Dates
Last date to make changes
to monthly payment
December 2, 2013 - Monday November 15, 2013
January 2, 2014 - Thursday December 13, 2013
February 1, 2014 - Saturday January 17, 2014
March 1, 2014 - Saturday February 14, 2014
April 1, 2014 - Tuesday March 21, 2014
May 1, 2014 - Thursday April 18, 2014
June 2, 2014 - Monday May 16, 2014
July 1, 2014 - Tuesday June 20, 2014
August 1, 2014 - Friday July 18, 2014
September 2, 2014 - Tuesday August 15, 2014
October 1, 2014 - Wednesday September 19, 2014
November 1, 2014 - Saturday October 17, 2014
December 1, 2014 - Monday November 14, 2014
January 2, 2015 - Friday December 12, 2014
February 2, 2015 - Monday January 16, 2015

Use the table below to find information about important annual dates for recipients of benefits from the Office of Personnel Management's Retirement Systems.

For instance: annually the February 1st annuity payment will reflect the new Health Benefits premiums which were effective January 1st.

Important Dates ofAnnual Retirement Events
January 1 Federal Health Benefits Program Open Season enrollment changes become effective. New premiums first reflected in the February 1 payment.
January 2 Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) will appear in payments, which represents benefits for the month of December of the previous year, if payable.

Annuitants receive annual mailing about COLA and other information.
January 31 Statement of Earnings, Form 1099R, should have been received by everyone who received payments in the previous year.
February 1 Health benefit premiums effective January 1 appear in payments.
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