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Telework Management Telework Training

Teambuilding for Telework

Training: How to Lead a Self Managing Team

This training operationalizes the theory of Self-Regulation and targets supervisors, managers, and project managers who would like to learn the principles of motivating employees.  Participants learn leadership behaviors that enhance employees’ self-management and how to develop employees who can self-manage.  The training is divided into four sections.  First, the training teaches the fundamentals of goal setting and how the positive effects of goal setting can be maximized.  Second, participants learn the impact of self-efficacy on performance and how to enhance efficacy among teams and employees.  Third, the training teaches specific leadership roles that engender self-regulation.  Finally, participants learn the significance of establishing norms and the specific norms that facilitate employee self-regulation.  This workshop is taught in an interactive classroom-style setting, with handouts and exercises.

Managing Telework for Success

Training: Establishing Telework for Success

This training focuses on creating a strong telework agreement and performance plan. It emphasizes collaboration in creating results-oriented standards with measures and indicators of success, an agreement on core hours and communication response time, and a telework schedule and trial period. Aligning supervisors’ and employees’ expectations on these topics is crucial in creating and maintaining a successful telework program. This training can be tailored for only managers and supervisors with a focus on managing remote employees and dealing with performance issues.

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