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Hello! To may whom it concern. for while I was a stay home mom, so for the past 20 years i had couple jobs, the last one was I had it was 2009, since than I was not able to find other job, so i decided to get back to college, present I am college mom working on BA degree on Business Administrative,I am deep in debt with college loans, and I feel like a door mat by being a stay home mom, I miss working, I am very hard working,i can say I am workaholic, now my children are all ten agers, I feel I am not need it any longer in home, I know they do need their parent, but my husband is not working either, so I am ready to get back to work.I am looking for any office work,I can say that I can do almost any office work,because I am familiar with general office work, supervisor or a manager. Sincerely Zybejta "BETA" Marashi

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