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We are pleased to announce a detail opportunity for Federal employees to work in Open Government at OPM. Please note that this is a non-reimbursable position:

Position: Program Analyst
Location: Washington D.C.
Duration: 4-6 months (non-reimbursable)


On December 8, 2009, the White House issued a memorandum, the Open Government Directive, requiring federal agencies to take immediate, specific steps to achieve key milestones in transparency, participation, and collaboration.

OPM's Open Government Web site is called OpenOPM. On April 7, OPM posted its Open Government Plan on OpenOPM, and both employees and the public are invited to comment on the Plan. Besides data sources, OpenOPM provides links to Open Government news at the Agency and contact information for the Agency Open Government champions, Chief Information Officer Matthew Perry and Associate Chief Financial Officer Rochelle Bayard.

The Flagship Initiative for OPM is the creation of a Knowledge Management system, and its purpose is to provide the infrastructure and tools for OPM to increase transparency, widen participation, and foster collaboration both internally and externally. We also recognize the need for changes within our own organizational behavior to create a more open culture and to centralize the existing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in each outward-facing mission function of the agency.

Description of Responsibilities

The selectee will lead an Action Learning Team designed to provide research and outline a plan for identifying and re-engineering existing business processes to support a more open culture at OPM that will remove internal and external barriers to collaboration, transparency, and communication. Duties will include but not be limited to the following:

  • Establishing Communities of Practice;
  • Collaborating with other agencies, academia, and non-profit enterprises to determine best practices for developing customer service SOPs;
  • Creating agency-wide customer service SOPs; and
  • Using collaborative technologies to communicate ideas with various stakeholders.

Point of Contact

Dr. Mary Volz-Peacock

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Often we go into collaboration with others to get good result and we strive to do so. To ensure better service regarding different processes, the decision taken by OPM is really fascinating.
1/28/2011 at 11:23 AM
Would someone explain me the process of applying to federal job?
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1/30/2011 at 10:38 AM
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7/25/2014 at 12:17 PM
It's a really good initiative of OPM to put this detailed opportunity to challenge better participation, transparency and collaboration for employees.
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12/20/2015 at 3:19 AM
In my opinoion it is really a marvelous decision that the OPM has taken. Collaboration in these cases is a valid method to stive better results and influance the outcome.
Property Realestate Thailand
12/20/2015 at 3:23 AM
In my opinion it is really a marvelous decision that the OPM has taken. Collaboration in these cases is a valid method to stive better results and influence the outcome.
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