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    Frequently Asked Questions::What will the Ombudsman do?

    What will the Ombudsman do?

    • An Ombudsman is a neutral, independent and confidential resource that allows customers and employees to resolve disputes from a neutral, independent viewpoint.
    • The Ombudsman remains free from control or interference of any OPM employee in carrying out their duties.
    • The Ombudsman encourages open and effective communication between and among all OPM managers and employees, and our customers to discuss and resolve issues affecting OPM.
    • The Ombudsman maintains the confidentiality of dispute resolution communications made by employees, including managers and supervisors, unless the party making the disclosure consents to disclosure or as required by law.
    • The Ombudsman will consider all sides in an impartial and objective way.
    • The Ombudsman will help develop fair solutions to complex and difficult problems.
    • The Ombudsman will help raise and resolve issues of concern or complaints regarding the Agency meeting courtesy, service, and timeliness standards.

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