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Frequently Asked Questions Assessment Policy

How do I select the competencies, or content areas, I want to assess with the structured interview?

To select the competencies, or content areas, to assess in the structured interview: 

1) conduct a job analysis and/or review the job analysis data to determine the tasks and competencies that are critical to the position, 
2) review the competencies necessary to perform the tasks, 
3) identify the competencies that are required upon entry, and 
4) obtain confirmation of the selected competencies from subject matter experts (SMEs). 

You may have, or end up with, more critical competencies from your job analysis than can be covered during a structured interview.  You may be able to narrow your competency selection by: 

1) measuring some of the competencies via other assessment methods (e.g., occupational questionnaire), 
2) asking your SMEs to pick only those competencies that best identify, or distinguish, successful performers, and/or 
3) asking your SMEs to select only those competencies that they believe are lacking among current incumbents.

For more information about structured interviews, please visit the Structured Interviews page on the Selection and Assessment website (

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