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    Frequently Asked Questions::Will an employee's rating of record change if he or she moves to another agency...

    Will an employee's rating of record change if he or she moves to another agency or organization that uses a different summary rating pattern?

    No. A rating of record does not change when an employee moves to another agency or organization, whether or not they use a different summary pattern. However, there is no predetermined value associated with a specific rating of record for reduction in force purposes if there is a mix of rating patterns within the competitive area. Therefore, an employee will not know how many years of additional service credit will be given for a specific rating of record until an agency is getting ready to run a reduction in force, determines whether a mix of patterns exists, and, if one does, decides how service credit will be assigned. To help employees understand the crediting for performance within a particular competitive area, agencies should communicate this information as soon as practicable after they make the necessary decisions.

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