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Frequently Asked Questions USAJOBS

Why am I not receiving emails from my Saved Searched?

Why am I not receiving emails from my saved searches?  The emails that you receive from your saved search are only those announcements that have just been posted. If you found announcements on the USAJOBS website by running your saved search from your account, this can return all results in the USAJOBS database and not just new ones. If you have not received an announcement you expected in your saved search emails, then click Contact Us and provide the following information:  

1. Your username (if known)  

2. Your first and last name as it appears in your account  

3. Your full street address including city, state and zip code  

4. Your phone number  

5. The number and exact title of the saved search involved as it shows in your

6. The announcement or control number(s) of the announcement(s) you believe
    are new and should have been included in your emails  

7. If possible, please try to attach the saved search email you feel should have
    contained the announcement
Once we receive this information, we will verify your identity, log-in to your account, and review the situation to see why this may have occurred. We will email you once we have additional information for you.  


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