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What are some examples of QLEs that meet the "on account of and consistent with" criteria?

Mary J. is a single parent with one child who will turn age 26 at the end of March. She wants to maintain her Self and Family coverage until that time. The loss of an eligible child is a QLE, and changing her coverage from Self and Family to Self Only is on account of and consistent with that QLE. At the end of March, Mary changes her coverage to Self Only.

Michael M., a federal employee, has Self Only coverage and so does his wife, who is employed in the private sector. In June, she gives birth to their first child. Michael wants to cancel his FEHB coverage, saying that his wife has picked up family coverage that includes him and their new child. Michael's request is on account of and consistent with his QLE.

Monique K. begins an approved period of leave without pay (LWOP) to attend school. She elects to keep her FEHB coverage, and incur an obligation to her employing agency. She may not change her FEHB coverage, but may change her premium conversion election.

Agencies must determine acceptable documentation for a qualifying life event (QLE). Acceptable documentation includes birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, divorce papers, etc. When your QLE is one where documentation is not readily available the IRS has indicated that your certification of coverage under another health plan is sufficient.

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