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My ex-spouse is a Federal employee. I have a court order stating that he or she has to provide health insurance coverage for our children. How can I make sure his or her health plan covers the children?

The "Federal Employees Health Benefits Children's Equity Act of 2000" requires mandatory Self Plus One or Self and Family enrollment coverage for FEHB-eligible employees who do not comply with a court or administrative order to provide health insurance coverage for their child(ren). You should send a copy of the court order to your ex-spouse's Human Resources Office. They will ensure that your ex-spouse has an FEHB Self Plus One or Self and Family enrollment that provides coverage for the children. If your ex-spouse does not have a Self Plus One or Self and Family enrollment, his or her Human Resources Office will enroll him or her in the Self Plus One or Self and Family option of his or her current FEHB plan. If his or her current plan is an HMO and the child(ren) don't live within the service area of this plan, they will enroll him in the Basic Option of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Service Benefit Plan. If he or she is enrolled in Self Plus One but does not have the child listed in the court order designated as his or her covered famiy member, the Human Resources Office will increase his or her enrollment to Self and Family.
Please be sure to include your home address in your notification so that the Human Resources Office can make this determination. The Human Resources Office will send you a copy of the SF 2809, Health Benefits Election Form. They will also send a copy to the FEHB plan so the plan can update their records and send ID cards to you. The Human Resources Office will flag your ex-spouse's health insurance records to prevent him or her from decreasing his or her enrollment or switching his or her covered family member under a Self Plus One enrollment for as long as the court order requires him or her to provide health insurance coverage to your child(ren) or until the youngest child reaches age 26, whichever occurs first.

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