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Why do a few health plans have dental benefits and most do not?

Several years ago we stopped allowing plans to add new dental and vision packages or to increase packages they already had in place. We allow one exception -- when an HMO offers the benefits under their community package of benefits (at no additional cost to members). We do this because we firmly believe that Federal employees are best served by benefit packages that are strong in the traditional areas of hospital, surgical, and medical benefits and that provide protection against significant and largely unforeseeable health care expenditures. Everyone wants to keep premium increases as low as possible so, generally, to increase benefits plans make trade-offs. We would not want to sacrifice medical benefits to get dental or vision benefits.


It is important that you do not choose a health plan based on dental benefits alone. You may find yourself without other benefits when you need them, which could result in large unexpected medical expenses. Remember to look at the entire benefits package when making your health plan decision.

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