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American University Key Executive Leadership Master’s Degree in Public Administration

Benefit: 25% tuition reduction and no application fee for federal employees for the Key MPA.  For our 8-course 32-day SES CDP Certificate program, agencies sponsoring one or more students receive tuition discounts through the Federal Supply Schedules: contract number GS-02F-0012X.

Who is eligible:  All federal employees

Online/On-Campus:  MPA – on campus. Certificate programs - online, hybrid, and on campus.

Website: key.american.edu

Admissions Contact:  Patrick Malone, Director, Key Executive Leadership Programs

            E-mail: pmalone@american.edu

            Phone: 202-885-6271 



Bellevue University

Benefit: Tuition for program participants will be discounted by 20% from Bellevue University tuition rates as shown on the Bellevue University website at www.bellevue.edu.   Standard fees as published in the University Catalog and on the University website may apply.  Application fee will be waived for program participants. 

Who is eligible: Federal Government employees and their spouses and dependents are eligible. Federal employees shall include Civil Service employees only. 

Online/On-Campus:  Participants may enroll in any Bellevue University undergraduate or graduate courses and programs upon acceptance to university and the program.

Website: https://alliance.bellevueuniversity.us/

Admissions Contact:   https://alliance.bellevueuniversity.us/

Phone: 866-827-8467 or 402-557-7493 (OUTSIDE THE U.S. CALL 01-402-557-7493)


The Catholic University of America Metropolitan School of Professional Studies
 10% scholarship toward tuition for any of the school’s online or in-person courses. 
The application fee will be waived.
Who is eligible: All Federal Employees
Online/On-Campus: Online, Face-to-Face, and Hybrid
Website: Catholic University of America Federal Portal
Admissions Contact: 
            E-mail: metropolitan@cua.edu 
            Phone:  (202) 319-5256, Ms. Lashsay Long, Director of Admissions and Communications

 Central Michigan University
Benefit: 15% discount.  The application fee will be waived. 
Who is eligible: All Federal Employees, Spouses and Dependents
Online/On-Campus: Online, Face-to-Face, and Hybrid
Website: Central Michigan University Federal Portal
Admissions Contact: 
            Phone: (877) 268-4636
            Fax: (989) 774-1998
            Email: cmuglobal@cmich.edu 
            Mailing Address:
            Central Michigan University
            Global Campus
            802 Industrial Drive

 Champlain College

Benefit: 100% Online Undergraduate and Graduate Programs. Preferred tuition for Federal employees and their eligible family members, making online tuition $265/undergraduate credit and $398/graduate credit through at least summer 2022. No application fee.

Who is eligible: Employee, Spouse, Domestic Partners, and Adult Dependents
Online/On-Campus: Online
Website: Champlain College Federal Portal
Informational Video:
Admissions Contact:                  
(877) 887-3960
     Email: truedfed@champlain.edu


Colorado State University Global

Benefit: 10% discount. The application fee will be waived. 
Who is eligible: 
All Federal Employees
Online/On-Campus: 100% online Bachelor's, Master's, & Certificate Programs 
Admissions Contact: 
(800) 462-7845
       Email: enroll@csuglobal.edu
       Mailing Address: 585 Salida Way, Aurora, Colorado, 80111


Columbia College

Benefit: 15% tuition discount for all academic programs including Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Certificates. No application fee. No additional fees. Books are provided.   

Who is eligible:  All Federal Employees, dependents under age 25, and spouses

Online/On-Campus:  Online, Face-to-Face and Hybrid. Tuition discount does not apply to traditional Main Campus daytime courses in Columbia, MO.

Website: Columbia College Federal Portal

Admissions Contact:  Kelsey Anderson

            E-mail: kaanderson@ccis.edu

            Phone: 573-875-7177

 Drexel University Online

Benefit: The tuition will be discounted 10 to 40%, depending on the program.  
The application fee will be waived.
Who is eligible: Federal Government employees and their spouses and dependents
Online/On-Campus: Online
Website: https://online.drexel.edu/opm 
Admissions Contact:           
            Phone: (877) 215-0009

Excelsior College
Benefit: 20% Undergraduate = $410/credit hour; 15% Graduate = $550/credit hour 
The application fee will be waived. 
Who is eligible: Federal employees, their spouses and domestic partners
Online/On-Campus: Online 
Website: Excelsior College Federal Portal or Feducation.excelsior.edu  
Admissions Contact:           
            Email: admissions@excelsior.edu  
            Phone: (844) 843-9296

Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies
Benefit: 10% scholarship applied to Georgetown’s published tuition rate for the relevant SCS Program each academic semester.  The application fee will be waived. 
Who is eligible: Federal employees
Online/On-Campus: On-Campus and Online         
Website: http://scs.georgetown.edu/opm-federal-scholarship-alliance/
Admissions Contact:           
            Email: scsscholarships@georgetown.edu   

 Marist College

Benefit: 25% discount.  The application fee will be waived, please contact Marist College admissions for your unique waiver code.
Who is eligible: All Federal Employees, and immediate adult family members (parents, spouses or domestic partners, siblings and children).  Undergraduate students must be 22 or older at time of admission to the program. 
Online/On-Campus: Online, Face-to-Face, and Hybrid
Website: https://www.marist.edu/federal-alliance
Admissions Contact: Brian Scott
(845) 575-3980
     Fax: (845) 575-3166
     Email:  brian.scott@marist.edu   

Pace University (iPace Program)

Benefit: iPace programs, the per-credit rate is discounted by about 50%. 
The Master of Arts in Management for Public Safety and Homeland Security per credit rate is discounted by 20%. The MPA and the MS in Internet Technology are also discounted at 20% of the regular tuition rate.  The application fee will be waived. 
Who is eligible: Federal employees
Online/On-Campus: Online 
Website: Pace University (iPace) Federal Portal    
Admissions Contact:           
            Email: ipace@pace.edu
            Phone: (212) 346-1324

Park University
Benefit: A 16% discount off normal undergraduate tuition, which is the same rate as our military veteran rate.  A 12% discount off normal graduate tuition, which is the same as our military veteran rate.  The application fee will be waived. 
Who is eligible: Federal employees, their spouses and legal dependents
Online/On-Campus: Online, Face-to-Face, and Hybrid 
Website: Park University Federal Portal 
Admissions Contact:           
            Email: admissions@park.edu    
            Phone: (888) 319-9522


 Penn State University World Campus

Benefit: 5% tuition reduction on competitive Penn State World Campus tuition rates, with no program exclusions or out-of-state rates.  The application fee will be waived. 
Who is eligible: Federal employees, their spouses and legal dependents
Online/On-Campus: Online, hybrid 
Website: Penn State World Campus Federal Portal   
Informational Videoworldcampus.psu.edu/pswcfederalalliance

Admissions Contact:
Penn State World Campus Admissions
     Phone: 814-863-5386
     Email: admissions@worldcampus.psu.edu

Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota 
Benefit: 10% Tuition Grant, making ONLINE tuition range $405- $571.50. Online courses range in credit hours from 1-4.  ON CAMPUS tuition range $310.50 - $711.00. On campus courses range in credit hours from 1-5.  The application fee will be waived. 
Who is eligible: Federal employees, their spouses and legal dependents
Online/On-Campus: Online, On-Campus, Hybrid
Website: St. Mary’s University of Minnesota Federal Portal or FedGovAtSaintMarys.com   
Admissions Contact:           
            Phone: (877) 308-9954


 Southern New Hampshire University Global Campus

Benefit: Online course-based accredited institution serving online students around the world.  SNHU offers federal employees and their family members a 10% tuition reduction for over 200+ career-focused undergraduate and graduate degree programs.  SNHU also offers certificates at various levels including graduate and post-graduate.  Application fees are waived. 

Who is eligible: Federal employees and their family members, family members are defined as the following: Spouse, and parents thereof; Sons and daughters, and spouses thereof; Parents, and spouses thereof; Brothers and sisters, and spouses thereof; Grandparents and grandchildren, and spouses thereof;

Online/On-Campus: Online
Website: www.snhu.edu/gov  
Family Member website:  www.snhu.edu/family6
Information Video:  
Admissions Contact:          
     Phone: 888-668-1249


University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law 

Benefit: Federal Employee (FEDEM) Grant equivalent to a 10 percent tuition discount. The application fee will be waived. 
Who is eligible: Federal Employees and/or their legal Spouses
Online/On-Campus: On Campus, some programs online
Website: http://www.law.umaryland.edu/prospective/FEDEM/ 
Admissions Contact:           
            Email: admissions@law.umaryland.edu      
            Phone: (410) 706-3492

 University of Maryland (UMD), Robert H. Smith School of Business (Smith)

Benefit: FEDEM Grant in the form of a 30% credit to their student tuition. The dollar amount of the Grant will vary based on which Eligible Smith Program the participants enroll in and whether the tuition rate is in state or out of state or per semester or per credit.
Who is eligible: Federal Government employees and/or their spouses
Online/On-Campus: On campus and Online
Website: https://www.rhsmith.umd.edu/fedgrant 
Admissions Contact:           
Email:  aowens@rhsmith.umd.edu   SUBJECT LINE: Federal Employee

 University of Maryland Global Campus (Formerly UMUC)

Benefit: Application fee waiver.  25% discount on out-of-state tuition for most programs, and 5% discount on tuition for graduate specialty programs 
Who is eligible: Federal employees, their spouses and legal dependents 
Online/On-Campus: Online, hybrid 
Website:  umgc.edu/fed
Admissions Contact:           
            Email:  fedprogram@umuc.edu    
            Information Request Form: https://www.umgc.edu/about/federal-government-employees/request-information.cfm 
            Mailing Address:
            3501 University Blvd. East
            Adelphi, MD 20783

            Academic Center at Largo (Student Services):
            1616 McCormick Drive
            Largo, MD 20774

Utica College

Benefit: As a federal employee, you are eligible for the following benefits when you apply: A 10% tuition reduction; Potential additional tuition discounts for groups; A waived application fee (a savings of $50)
Who is eligible: Federal employees, their spouses and legal dependents
Online/On-Campus: Online
Website: https://landing.online.utica.edu/federalgovernment 
Admissions Contact:           
            Email: uticaonline@utica.edu 
            Phone: (866) 295-3106 or (315) 732-2640