Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program

The Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program (SESCDP) is an OPM-approved training program designed to develop executive core qualifications. Individual agencies administer their own OPM-approved SESCDPs. The SESCDP is a succession management tool agencies may use to identify and prepare future senior leaders. An SESCDP provides SES candidates with the training and development opportunities needed to enhance their executive competencies and increase their understanding of the wide range of Government programs and issues beyond their individual agency and profession.  Graduates of an OPM-approved SESCDP who are selected through civil service-wide competition and are certified by OPM’s Qualifications Review Board (QRB) may receive a career SES appointment without further competition.  Agencies must have a written policy describing their program. All SESCDPs are announced on USAJOBS ( .


As indicated in revised 5 CFR 412, agencies must obtain OPM approval of their SESCDP before they conduct their next SESCDP and whenever there are substantial changes to the program.  Agencies must seek re-approval every five years thereafter. 

Mail or deliver requests for OPM approval to:

U.S. Office of Personnel Management
Senior Executive Services and Performance Management
1900 E Street NW, Room 7412
Washington, DC 20415

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