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As the central human resources agency for the Federal Government and the primary policy agency supporting the President as he carries out his responsibilities for managing the Federal workforce, the Office of Personnel Management uses this site to provide documents which outline our priorities and spending in the areas of retirement claims adjudication processing improvement, implementing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in a siscally prudent manner.

Congressional Budget Justification & Annual Performance Plan

Capital Asset Plans

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) uses Capital Asset Plans to make both quantitative decisions about budgetary resources consistent with the Administration's program priorities, and qualitative assessments about whether the agency's programming processes are consistent with OMB policy and guidance. Copies of OPM Exhibit 300s submitted in September 2009 or later for FY 2012 as well as current Exhibit 300s are available in the Investments tab on the Federal IT Dashboard.

Complete OPM Capital Asset Plans can be obtained through a FOIA request. See the OPM FOIA web page for instructions on preparing and submitting a FOIA request.

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