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OPM leverages research, evaluation, and analysis to generate evidence to inform policy and budget decisions, foster transparency into how the agency is performing, promote accountability for delivering results to the agency's customers, and enable a culture of learning and continuous improvement. OPM's Learning Agenda establishes OPM’s evidence-building priorities, aligned to its strategic plan. The Learning Agenda includes broad learning questions reflecting OPM’s research and evaluation priority domains. Each domain has a set of specific research and evaluation questions that, when answered, will help OPM deliver on its mission more efficiently and effectively.

OPM’s Annual Evaluation Plans detail the significant program and policy evaluations that OPM intends to conduct each fiscal year, aligned to OPM’s Learning Agenda.

Evaluations led by OPM and its partners are subject to OPM’s Evaluation Standards, which specify the guiding principles for program and policy evaluations.

OPM’s Capacity Assessment analyzes the agency’s current use of evidence, its capacity for research, analysis, evaluation, and statistics, and its strengths and areas for improvement.

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