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    Doing Business with OPM Notices & Events

    OPM's New Financial System Continues Deployment

    In October 2009, OPM began its transition to a new financial management solution, the Consolidated Business Information System (CBIS), which will help to enhance our services to customers and vendors like you.

    In line with best practices, CBIS is being introduced in two phases, each phase having multiple releases. The full, robust power of CBIS will take several years to be completely deployed. However, even in the first phase of deployment, CBIS will provide timely, accurate and actionable business information that will help us serve our stakeholders – customers and vendors like you – even better. Additionally, new business processes being implemented in conjunction with the system deployment will streamline and improve all levels and types of financial engagement.

    Please bookmark this page to stay on top of CBIS developments our customers and vendors need to know.

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