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Our Director Top Priorities

OPM has set out seven priority areas:

  1. Honoring the Workforce: OPM will be the champion of the Federal workforce. Through such programs as the OPM Innovation Lab and the Learning Center, we will provide career training and skill development for Federal employees. OPM will serve as the thought leader in research and data-driven human resource management and policy decision-making.
  2. Build a More Diverse and Engaged Workforce: OPM, which by Executive Order is the lead agency on increasing diversity and inclusion in the Federal workforce, will recruit qualified individuals to serve and expand access to the job pipeline from entry and mid-level positions to leadership posts. OPM will provide leadership in helping agencies create work environments where a diverse Federal workforce is fully engaged and energized.
  3. World Class Customer Service: OPM will respond to the interests of its many and diverse customers throughout the lifecycle of an employee. Whether it's a recent graduate seeking to start a Federal career, a current employee looking for a training opportunity, or a retiree, OPM will provide timely, accurate and responsive service.
  4. IT Improvement: Under the leadership of a new Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer, OPM will implement its IT Strategic Plan to streamline and update IT systems to better serve Federal employees from resume through retirement.
  5. Background Investigations: In partnership with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, OPM will implement the revised Federal Investigative Standards and will lead efforts to strengthen the background investigations program across government as we maintain the highest standards of quality and timeliness.
  6. Retirement: OPM is closing in on our goal to process 90 percent of cases within 60 days. The agency will continue to update our systems as we continue to transition to a paperless process.
  7. Health Care: OPM will fully implement the Multi-State Plan provision of the Affordable Care Act, provide coverage to Tribal employees and continue providing high quality health insurance benefits to the Federal workforce.
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