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About the Wall of Honor

About the Wall of Honor

Wall of Honor – Honorees | How to Nominate

In an effort to honor the men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice in service, in 2013 OPM began a new tradition that honors civil servants who die in the line of duty through a Wall of Honor. This is the first time that there will be a memorial to honor fallen civilian employees from across the Executive Branch.

Aesthetically, the elements and layout of the Wall of Honor are clean and simple to serve as a symbolic representation of the diversity and inclusion of the Federal workforce. There are 52 stars representing Federal employees from the 50 States, the District of Columbia and the U.S. Territories. The words above the stars speak to the meaning of the Wall.

This webpage accompanies the Wall of Honor, listing the names of Federal employees who have died in the line of duty. These names are provided to OPM based on the same guidelines used in the Civilian Service Recognition Act (P.L. 112-73), which allows the head of each agency to provide an American flag to the next of kin of an employee who "dies of injuries incurred in connection with such individual's employment with the Federal government."

We are honored and inspired by these employees, their courage and their dedication.

Please Note:

This list is preliminary, and will be updated in coordination with agencies across government. Concerns or questions can be sent to

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