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Office of the General Counsel

The Office of the General Counsel (OGC) provides legal advice and representation to OPM managers and leaders so they can ensure the Federal Government has an effective civilian workforce.  OGC does this by rendering opinions, reviewing proposed policies and other work products and commenting on their legal efficacy, serving as agency representatives in administrative litigations, and supporting the Department of Justice in its representation of the Government on matters concerning the civilian workforce. 

OGC also carries out several programmatic, substantive functions that benefit other OPM offices.  For example, OGC is responsible for government-wide Hatch Act regulations.  OGC also plays a policy and legal role in the government-wide function of determining which Merit Systems Protection Board and arbitral decisions are erroneous and have a substantial impact on civil service law and, accordingly, that merit judicial review.  OGC also is responsible for OPM’s ethics program, the disposition of certain claims and garnishment issues, and the disposition of appeals from initial OPM decisions concerning requests under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts.

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