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Our People & Organization Organizational Chart & Contacts

Office of the Director organization chart

Office of the Director

Position Name Phone
Director Beth F. Cobert * 202-606-1000
Executive Assistant Brett Cozzolino 202-606-1000
Special Assistant David S. Marsh 202-606-1000
Senior Cyber & Information Technology Advisor Clifton N. Triplett 202-606-1000
Chief of Staff Kiran Ahuja 202-606-1000
Executive Assistant Rene Ralston 202-606-1000
Special Assistant John Marble 202-606-1000
Principal Deputy Chief of Staff Leandra English 202-606-1000
Deputy Chief of Staff Melody Gonzales 202-606-1000
Senior Advisor to the Director Michael A. Grant 202-606-1000
Senior Advisor to the Director Khalilah Harris 202-606-1000
Executive Assistant Torlanda T. Young 202-606-1000
Executive Assistant Leroy Moore 202-606-1000
Executive Director, Chief Human Capital Officers Council Justin Johnson 202-606-1722
Chief Management Officer Kathy McGettigan 202-606-1000
Executive Assistant Ingrid Reed 202-606-1000
Deputy Chief Operating Officer Jane Lee 202-606-1000
Senior Advisor for Security and Suitability Teresa Nankivell 202-606-1000
Chief Management Officer Kathleen McGettigan 202-606-0900

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Office of Communications organization chart

Office of Communications

Position Name Phone
Director Michael J. Amato 202-606-2402
Administrative Assistant Jean Smith 202-606-2402
Deputy Director Katie Pennell * 202-606-2402
Speechwriter Dena F. Bunis 202-606-2402
Press Secretary Samuel J. Schumach 202-606-2402

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Employee Services organization chart

Employee Services

Position Name Phone
Associate Director & Chief Human Capital Officer (CHCO) Mark Reinhold 202-606-2520
Resource Management Edward Cuneo, Jr. 202-606-7987
Principal Deputy Associate Director Veronica E. Villalobos 202-606-7992
Chief Learning Officer Sydney Smith-Heimbrock 202-606-2762
Recruitment & Hiring
Deputy Associate Director Kimberly Holden 202-418-3218
Classification & Assessment Policy April Davis 202-606-1728
Hiring Policy (Staffing) Michael J. Mahoney 202-606-1142
Recruitment Policy & Outreach Carmen Andujar 202-606-1164
Student Programs (Presidential Management Fellows Program) Latonia Page 202-606-2995
Pay & Leave
Deputy Associate Director Brenda L. Roberts 202-606-2858
Pay Administration Jeanne Jacobson 202-606-2858
Leave Administration Vacant Position
Pay Systems Mark A. Allen 202-606-2858
SES and Performance Management
Deputy Associate Director Stephen T. Shih 202-606-8046
Executive Resources & Performance Management Policy Barbara W. Colchao 202-606-2720
Training and Executive Development Julie Brill 202-606-5067
Senior Executive Resources Services Laura Lynch 202-606-2773
Performance Management Implementation Karen L. Lebing 202-606-1633
Partnership & Labor Relations
Deputy Associate Director Tim Curry 202-606-2930
Labor Relations Thomas R. Watcher 202-606-2930
Employee Accountability Debra Buford 202-606-2930
Partnership Manager Vacant Position
Strategic Workforce Planning
Deputy Associate Director Sydney Smith-Heimbrock 202-606-2762
Forecasting and Methods Shanaz Porter 202-606-1005
Talent Management Renee M. Singleton 202-606-1868
Federal Executive Boards Paula Bridgham 202-606-1251
Work Life and Performance Culture Vacant Position *
Learning and Development Linda Datcher 202-606-2611
Program Support Group Alisa Jeter 202-606-0127
OPM Human Resources
Deputy Associate Director, OPM Human Resources and Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer Andrea J. Bright 202-606-3590
Deputy Director, OPM Human Resources Lisa Baker-Amos 202-606-0855
Staffing and Classification Joseph Marcec 202-606-2646
Employee/Labor Relations/Benefits Lisa Baker-Amos 202-606-0855
Program Development/HR Systems Janet T. Cope 202-606-1318
Health Unit Brenda Conway 202-606-2140
Veterans Services
Director Hakeem Basheerud-Deen 202-606-3602

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Healthcare and Insurance organization chart

Healthcare & Insurance

Position Name Phone
Director John O'Brien 202-606-2212
Deputy Director Vacant Position
Chief Medical Officer Christine Hunter 202-606-4653
Pharmaceutical Program Manager Edward Lennard 202-606-4913
Resource Management Danny A. Cieslicki 202-606-0067
Development and Implementation Merle E. Townley III 202-606-0243
Assistant Director, National Healthcare Operations Elizabeth (Beth) Hadley 202-606-2503
Deputy Assistant Director Laurie Bodenheimer 202-606-1572
Operations Program Manager Willie Powers, Jr. 202-606-2956
Multi-State Operations Vacant Position
State Analysis & Oversight Vacant Position
Pre-Existing Conditions Program Vacant Position
Senior Advisor Edward H. DeHarde 202-606-0522
Healthcare and Insurance
Staff Assistant Lorraine Waller 202-606-4017
Healthcare & Insurance
Assistant Director, Federal Employee Insurance Operations Alan Spielman 202-606-4995
Deputy Assistant Director Lloyd V. Williams 202-606-8176
Senior Advisor Vacant Position
Health Insurance I Sylvia Pulley 202-606-1938
Health Insurance II William Stuart 202-606-3818
Health Insurance III Cindy Butler 202-606-7019
Individual Benefit & Life Jillian Gill 202-606-1689
Program Analysis & Systems Support Jay David Fritz 202-606-4148
Audit Resolution Vacant Position

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Retirement Services organization chart

Retirement Services

Position Name Phone
Associate Director Kenneth Zawodny, Jr. 724-794-7759
Quality Assurance Sandra Mitchell 202-606-5968
Deputy Associate Director for Administrative Operations Linda Bradford 202-606-4160
Executive Assistant Arminta M. Thompson-Smith 202-606-3803
Resource Management Marc I. Flaster 202-606-2115
Executive and Legislative Retirement Inquiries James Ketterman 202-606-1807
Benefits Officer Training & Development Karen E. McManus 202-606-0788
Retirement Policy Patrick J Jennings 202-606-2323
Deputy Associate Director for Retirement Operations Nick Ashenden 724-794-2005, x3214
Executive Assistant Sarah B. Tarr 724-794-2005, x3494
Operations Support Pamela Israel 202-606-8179
Deputy Program Manager Vacant Position
Deputy Assistant Director Robert M. Lorish 724-794-2005, x3750
Customer Services Joanne Herold 724-794-2005, x3363
Retirement Services & Management Douglas D. Berger 724-794-2005, x3207
Deputy Assistant Director, DC, Retirement Operations Quinta Spear 202-606-2464

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Merit System Audit and Compliance organization chart

Merit System Accountability and Compliance

Position Name Phone
Associate Director Mark W. Lambert 202-606-2980
Deputy Associate Director Ana A. Mazzi 202-606-2980
Merit System Accountability & Compliance
Program Support Manager Chris W. Hammond 202-606-5262
Agency Compliance and Evaluation
Atlanta Manager (ACE-AT) Vonda Kenion 404-331-3451
Atlanta Team Leader (ACE-AT) Vonda Kenion 404-331-3451
Chicago Manager (ACE-CH) Joanne M. Plasky 312-353-0387
Chicago Team Leader (ACE-CH) Victoria Berlanga 312-353-0387
Dallas Manager (ACE-DA) Bruce E. McGilvray 214-880-4987
Dallas Team Leader (ACE-DA) Lynn Matherly 214-880-4959
Philadelphia Manager (ACE-PH) Paul S. Pelullo * 215-861-3084
Philadelphia Team Leader (ACE-PH) Paul S. Pelullo 215-861-3084
San Francisco Manager (ACE-SF) Robert Trefault 415-281-7050
San Francisco Team Leader Robert Trefault 415-281-7050
Accountability Program Manager Timothy P. Heath 404-331-3451
Classification Appeals, FLSA, Pay, & Leave Claims Program Manager (ACE) Robert D. Hendler 215-861-3102
Delegated Examining Program Manager (ACE) Linda M. Campbell 312-353-0387
Voting Rights & Resource Management Officer Michael V. Quinto 202-606-5290
Administrative Officer Sherry J. Johnson 202-606-1030
CFC Operations
Director, Combined Federal Campaign Operations Keith Willingham 202-606-2564
Internal Oversight & Compliance
Director, Internal Oversight & Compliance Janet Barnes 202-606-3207

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Federal Investigative Services organization chart

Federal Investigative Services

Position Name Phone
Associate Director Merton W. Miller 202-606-2173
Executive Assistant Jody L. Montgomery
Quality and Integrity
Program Manager Phillip Kroop 202-606-2325
Branch Chief David Newcomer
Branch Chief Kimberley Young
Branch Chief Kevin Cassidy
Technical Services
Deputy Associate Director Vacant Position
Technical Services Unit Jim Shope * 724-794-5612
External Affairs
Deputy Associate Director Vacant Position
Assistant Director Lisa M. Loss 202-606-1042
Deputy Associate Director Mark P. Sherwin 724-794-5612
Assistant Director, Field Management Chuck Dininger
Case Management Jeffery C. Flora 724-794-5612
Management Services
Deputy Associate Director David M. Fitzgerald 202-606-1042
Assistant Director Laura Eury 724-794-5612
Division Management
Executive Program Director John Sholhead
Program Manager Vacant Position
Business Manager Lanier McCaskill
Chief, Division Support Jack Jibilian
Adminstrative Officer Vacant Position
Processes & Systems Modernization
Executive Program Director Vacant Position

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Human Resource Solutions organization chart

Human Resources Solutions

Position Name Phone
Associate Director Joseph Kennedy 202-606-0900
Executive Assistant Shirl Sibley 202-606-1304
Center for Management Service
Deputy Associate Director Reginald Brown 202-606-1332
Human Resources Services Angie Titcombe 202-606-2035
Strategic Engagement Tim Letzkus 202-418-0353
Strategy, Operations and Support Steve Kreklow 414-763-9717
Center for Leadership Development
Deputy Associate Director & Federal Executive Institute and Director, Center for Leadership Development Suzanne G. Logan 434-980-6220
Assistant Director Vacant Position
Eastern Center/Training Delivery Vacant Position
Western Center/Custom Solutions William Bonds 303-671-1027
USALearning Will Peratino 202-418-3033
HR Strategy & Evaluation Solutions
Deputy Associate Director Leslie Pollack 202-606-1426
HR Strategy Jason Parman 816-426-7020
Assessment & Evaluation Vacant Position
Administrative Law Judges Juanita Howard Love 202-606-3822
Federal Staffing Group Dianna Saxman 215-362-3154
Training and Management Assistance Program
Deputy Associate Director George Price 202-606-8614
Outreach Richard Vinnacombe 202-606-4286
Training and Management Assistance Solutions Vacant Position

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

General Counsel organization chart

Office of General Counsel

Position Name Phone
General Counsel Robin Jacobsohn 202-606-1700
Special Counsel & Senior Advisor Laura Hussain 202-606-1700
Special Counsel Amy Apostol 202-606-1700
Deputy General Counsel Kathie Ann Whipple 202-606-1700
Executive Assistant Althea D. Elam 202-606-1700
Deputy General Counsel Andrew P. Stanner 202-606-1700
Associate General Counsel (Compensation, Benefits, Products & Services) R. Alan Miller 202-606-1700
Assistant General Counsel (Merit Systems & Accountability) Steven Abow 202-606-1700

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Executive Secretariat organization chart

Executive Secretariat

Position Name Phone
Director, Executive Secretariat & Resource Management Officer Jozetta Robinson 202-606-9166
Deputy Executive Secretariat Stephen D. Hickman 202-606-1941
Deputy Resource Management Officer Alita R. Bagley 202-606-5101
International Affairs Jill J. Feldman 202-606-5099

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Facilities, Security & Contracting organization chart

Facilities, Security & Emergency Management

Position Name Phone
Director Dean Hunter 202-606-2200
Executive Assistant Katrina L. Eckert 202-520-4576
Director of Administration Linda L. Siu 202-606-4018
Facilities Mariano Aquino 202-606-4590
Facility Management Marla Neustadt 202-606-2502
Building Operations Timothy J. Allman 202-606-1457
Security Services Kevin McCombs 202-418-0201
Physical Security Larry Sykes 202-606-4318
Security Assessment Mark A. Anderson 202-418-3214
Personnel Security Melinda M. Davis 724-794-7112
Adjudication & Compliance Vacant Position
Adjudication & Clearance Processing Michael Price 724-794-7110
Special Agreements & Identity Processing Scott Kaminski 724-794-7128
Emergency Management Sandra L. Hawthorne 202-606-5068
Sitroom Operations Dwayne Butler 202-606-7016
Emergency Actions Brien Gibney 202-418-9920

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Chief Information Officer organization chart

Office of the Chief Information Officer

Position Name Phone
Chief Information Officer Lisa Schlosser *
Resource Management Kevin Powers 202-606-3336
IT Security/Policy Cord Chase * 202-606-6210
IT Security/Security Operations Center Jeffrey Wagner 202-606-2571
Chief Technology Officer Vacant Position
Associate Chief Information Officer Joy S. Fairtile 202-606-2150
Associate Chief Information Officer Paul T. Craven 202-606-2150
IT Strategy and Policy David A. Vargas 202-606-2150
Strategic Planning Michael A. Torres 202-606-2519
HRLOB Management Anita Murray 202-606-4262
IT Enterprise Architect Jason D. Kruse 202-418-3092
IT Investment Management Stephen L. Schultz 202-606-8089
Quality Assurance Jason D. Kruse * 202-606-3092
Freedom of Information and Privacy Act Trina M Porter 202-606-4417
IT Strategy and Policy Mary D. Volz-Peacock 202-606-4942
Federal Data Solutions
Federal Data Solutions Ashu Goel 202-418-4326
Data Management Tanya E. Bennett 202-606-4054
Data Warehouse Victor A. Karcher, Jr. 724-794-2005, x3209
Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS)
Associate CIO Dovarius L. Peoples 202-606-2150
Web Services Ty Hughes 202-606-5974
Network Management Brad Eggers 202-606-4140
Data Center Heather Kowalski 202-606-1893
Program Office Support Lynn London 443-698-9601, x6601
Federal IT Business Solutions
Associate CIO Deborah E. Breining 202-606-2150
Associate CIO Lawrence Anderson 202-606-2150
Retirement Services IT PMO May Cheng 202-606-7009
Federal Investigative Services IT PMO Curtis Mejeur 202-418-4396
Human Resources Solutions IT PMO MC Price 478-744-2051
Employee Services IT PMO Michelle M. Gilder 202-606-2641
Health Care & Insurance & Merit System Accountability & Compliance IT PMO Juan C. Garcia Rolon 202-418-4362
Federal Applications IT PMO MC Price * 478-744-2051

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Chief Financial Officer organization chart

Chief Financial Officer

Position Name Phone
Chief Financial Officer Daniel Marella * 202-606-2638
Deputy Chief Financial Officer Daniel K. Marella 202-606-2638
Executive Officer/Resource Management Katina P. Cotton 202-606-4725
Program Analyst Dawn Pierce 202-606-1918
OPM Projects & Initiatives Teresa F. Williams 202-606-1414
Policy & Internal Control Vacant Position
Travel Operations Anthony Rainey * 202-606-8460
Financial Services
Financial Services Kim S. Farington 202-606-1143
Reimbursable Business Operations Tonya Johnson 202-606-1431
Shared Services Myrtle C. Nsekela 202-606-1765
Trust Funds Kenneth T. Harris 202-606-4275
Financial Reporting & Analysis Kolo Babagana* * 202-606-1676
Cost Accounting & Associate CFO Kolo Babagana 202-606-1676
Budget & Performance
Budget & Performance Margaret P. Pearson 202-606-1491
Management Analyst Fernando Santiago 202-606-0650
Budget Officer Vacant Position
Program Performance & Evaluation Jonathan Soileau 202-606-6524
Earned Benefits Programs Edward M. Callicott 202-606-1268
Financial Systems Management
Financial Systems Management Rochelle S. Bayard 202-606-4366
Financial Applications Management Dorran C.F. Thompson 202-606-3189
System Planning & Development Vacant Position

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Congressional, Legislative, and Intergovernmental Affairs organization chart

Congressional, Legislative & Intergovernmental Affairs

Position Name Phone
Director Jason Levine 202-606-1300
Deputy Director Jennifer L Tyree 202-606-1300
Executive Assistant Elizabeth Barrett 202-606-1300
Legislative Analysis Christopher M. Wallace 202-606-1300
Constituent Services Kristen Soper 202-225-4955
Intergovernmental Affairs Officer Read Scott Martin 202-606-3666

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Equal Employment Opportunity organization chart

Equal Employment Opportunity

Position Name Phone
Director Lashonn Woodland 202-606-2460
Lead EEO Specalist Yasmin Rosa 202-606-2460
Senior EEO Specialist Complaints Adjudication Vacant Position

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Diversity and Inclusion organization chart

Diversity & Inclusion

Position Name Phone
Director Sharon M. Wong * 202-606-7140
Administrative Assistant Maryam S. Monroe 202-606-0020
Deputy Director Bruce Stewart 202-606-3260
Deputy Director Sharon Wong 202-606-7140

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Office of Procurement Operations organization chart

Office of Procurement Operations

Position Name Phone
Senior Procurement Executive Nina Ferraro 202-606-4591
Director, Contracting Juan Arratia 202-606-1984
Division Director, Contracting A Elijah Anderson 202-606-6429
Division Director, Contracting B J. C. Thieme 724-794-7171
Division Director, Procurement Policy and Innovation Juan C. Garcia Rolon 202-418-4362

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization organization chart

Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU)

Position Name Phone
Director Desmond Brown 202-606-2862
Contracting (Small Business) Terri Miller 202-606-2518

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

Office of Inspector General organization chart

Office of the Inspector General

Position Name Phone
Inspector General Norbert Vint * 202-606-1200
Executive Assistant A. Paulette Berry 202-606-1200
Deputy Inspector General Norbert E. Vint 202-606-1200
Assistant Inspector General for Legal Affairs J. David Cope 202-606-1200
Assistant Inspector General for Management Terri H. Fazio 202-606-0846
Assistant Inspector General for Audits Michael R. Esser 202-606-1200
Assistant Inspector General for Investigations Michelle B. Schmitz 202-606-1200

Asterisks(*) denote Acting


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