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General Counsel
Position Name Phone
General Counsel Benjamin C. Mizer 202-606-1700
Chief, Administrative Operations Paul J. Carr, Jr. 202-606-4018
Administrative Support Specialist Ronald A. Forrest 202-606-2285
Administrative Support Specialist Alexandria N. Brown 202-606-1902
Deputy General Counsel Allison Kidd-Miller 202-606-1700
Deputy General Counsel Webb Lyons 202-606-1700
Senior Advisor Kathie Ann Whipple 202-606-1700
Special Counsel & Senior Advisor Tanya Sehgal 202-606-1700
Associate General Counsel Compensation, Benefits, Products, & Services Vacant 202-606-1700
Associate General Counsel Merit Systems & Accountability Julie Ferguson Queen 202-606-1700

Asterisks(*) denote Acting

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