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Office of the Director

Office of the Director
Position Name Phone
Director Kiran Ahuja 202-606-1000
Executive Assistant Teika Carlson 202-606-1000
Chief of Staff Anne Harkavy 202-606-1000
Deputy Chief of Staff David Marsh 202-606-1000
Senior Advisor to the Director for Technology and Delivery Curtis Mejeur 202-606-1000
Senior Advisor to the Director and Executive Director, Chief Human Capital Officers Council Margot Conrad 202-606-1000
Senior Advisor to the Director Jane Lee 202-606-1000
Senior Advisor to the Director Jonathan Foley 202-606-1000
Special Assistant to the Director Theodora Chang 202-606-1000
White House Liaison

Jason Tengco

Senior Advisor for Appointee Leadership Development Tiffany Worthy 202-606-1000
DEIA Policy Advisor Kemba Hendrix 202-606-1000
Chief Management Officer Dennis Coleman 202-606-1000
Executive Assistant to CMO Delicia T. Harrell 202-606-1000
Senior Advisor to the CMO Dawn Pierce 202-606-1000
Director, Performance Accountability Council Program Management Office Matthew C. Eanes

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