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Employee Services

Employee Services

Employee Services (ES) provides oversight for policies and programs that benefit the 2 million strong Federal employees across the nation. ES also creates different gateways to a Federal career so Americans young and old have a path to public service. We are innovative and strategic human capital experts, providing leadership, advisory services, design and implementation, and training around human resources systems and programs for Federal agencies.  


We’re the people behind Pathways student and recent graduates programs, the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS),, Federal pay tables, and more. Our commitment is clear – attracting talent, streamlining the hiring process, creating and executing a new vision for work, and putting people at the center of OPM policies, programs, and processes. Here’s how we do that and the teams responsible.


We Shape Federal Hiring. Talent Acquisition, Classification and Veterans Programs (TACVP) provides guidance to agencies on Federal hiring, which includes recruitment and outreach; classification, qualifications, and assessments; and hiring authorities and flexibilities. The TACVP team also identifies and implements actions to improve Federal employment opportunities for students and early career employees, administrative law judges, veterans, transitioning military service members, military spouses, and their families.


We Shape Federal Compensation. Pay and Leave (PL) provides guidance to agencies on Federal pay, work hours, and leave administration policies and programs. The PL team maintains pay tables for General Schedule employees; manages the Federal Wage System; and advises agencies on the use of pay, leave, and work schedule flexibilities to address employee recruitment and retention issues and in response to emergency situations. 


We Shape Federal Leaders and Employee Performance. Senior Executive Service and Performance Management (SESPM) manages the Senior Executive Service (SES) and Senior Professionals programs, providing guidance to agencies on the selection, development, performance, compensation, and recognition of Federal executives and senior leadership. The SESPM team also advises agencies on performance, awards, and leadership development for all other Federal employees. Additionally, the team leads on work-life initiatives, including telework and employee assistance programs (EAPs).


We Shape Labor and Employee Relations. Accountability and Workforce Relations (AWR) provides guidance on employee accountability and labor relations across the Federal government. The AWR team advises Federal agencies on how to maintain good relations among agencies, labor organizations, and employees. The AWR team also assists Federal agencies on policy and technical issues regarding employee accountability matters (e.g., addressing misconduct and unacceptable performance).


We Shape Workforce Planning. Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) advances strategic human capital management through evidence-based policy based on Foresight, data analytics, and research. In addition, the SWP team leads the Future of Work efforts, as well as designs and supports integrated strategies that address emerging workforce priorities. SWP’s focus areas include surveys (e.g., the FEVS) and survey analysis; Federal Executive Boards, the cornerstone of strategic partnering in government; forecasting and methods; and strategic initiatives.




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