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Our People & Organization Support Functions

Facilities, Security, and Contracting

Facilities, Security, and Contracting (FSC) manages a broad array of OPM's key day-to-day operational programs. The organization is composed of the following five subcomponents:

Facilities Management manages the agency's personal and real property, building operations, fleet management, recycling, sustainability, space design and layout, realty, safety, and occupational health programs.

Personnel Security is responsible for carrying out personnel security related actions for all OPM employees and OPM contractors not related to the Federal Investigative Services Division’s investigative contracts.

Emergency Actions directs the operations and oversight of OPM's preparedness and emergency response programs.

Contracting Management provides centralized contract management to support OPM's operations and Government-wide mission. The Group also manages the Small Business and Government-wide Purchase Card programs.

Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization manages OPM's small business program in conjunction with public law, Federal regulations, and OPM Contracting policies.

Publications Management establishes and oversees OPM's nationwide publishing and printing management system for internal/external design and reproduction. The Group also manages the agency's Government Printing Office (GPO)/commercial print ordering program, publications management, and the agency's electronic/office publishing systems.

Security Services provides a safe and secure environment for OPM’s information, personnel, and operations. The Group manages OPM’s physical and information security programs including: PIV Management, lost and found, medical emergencies, threats, Guard Force management, and applicable national, industrial and communications security directives.
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