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Facilities, Security, and Emergency Management

Facilities, Security, and Emergency Management

Facilities Management (FM): administers the agency's personal and real property, building operations, space design and layout, realty, safety and occupational health programs, as well as support services programs that promote a safe, healthy, and high-quality work environment for OPM employees.

Personnel Security (PS): carries out personnel security related actions for all OPM employees and OPM contractors not related to the Federal Investigative Services Division's investigative contracts. Email at:

Emergency Management (EM): directs the operations and oversight of OPM's preparedness and emergency response programs, including the Continuity of Operations Program (COOP), Occupant Emergency Plan (OEP), and Continuity of Government (COG) programs. In addition, EM oversees the OPM Situation Room, a 24-hour, 7 days per week operations center that provides situational awareness to the OPM Director regarding events affecting the operating status of the Federal government.

Security Services (SS): provides a safe and secure environment for OPM's information, personnel, and operations. The Group manages OPM's physical and information security programs including: PIV Management, lost and found, medical emergencies, threats, Guard Force management, and applicable national, industrial and communications security directives. Security Services Email:

Administrative Operations (AO): manages OPM’s mailroom operations and agency-wide printing activities (from oversight of Government Printing Office (GPO)/commercial print ordering program to administration of internal/external reproduction requirements), while also supporting resource management requirements for Facilities, Security, and Emergency Management as well as the Office of Procurement Operations.

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