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    The second open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act ends on February 15. These next three weeks are critical if we are to get as many still uninsured Americans as possible signed up for quality and affordable health care.

    This is something I am passionate about. I am doing all I can to encourage Americans, especially Latinos, to go to and find the right plans for them. That is why earlier today I joined with Mayor Vaughn Spencer of Reading, Pennsylvania to help him spread the word. 

    As of January 9, nearly 6.8 million Americans have either signed up for a new plan or were re-enrolled in a plan through the Federal Marketplace. Yet, there are many who are still without health coverage.

    Let’s take a look at Pennsylvania. In the Keystone State, 8 percent of residents still do not have health insurance. More than 100,000 Latinos remain uninsured. In the state, 15 insurance companies are offering more than 125 plans. So there is plenty of choice. And the good news is, there is financial assistance available to help with the premiums. More than 81 percent of people insured through the Marketplace in Pennsylvania are getting financial help. And now that Pennsylvania has joined many other states and expanded its Medicaid program, an additional 600,000 people are eligible for Medicaid. That’s lifesaving support.

    The ACA has fundamentally changed our health care system. Children can remain on their parents’ policies until the age of 26. People can get the preventive and wellness care they need to keep small illnesses from turning into serious health problems. And individuals with serious illnesses and pre-existing conditions can’t be denied coverage or dropped from health plans when they get sick. 

    Insurance is important. You never know when an accident or serious illness may hit. The peace of mind of knowing you and your loved ones are covered and that you won’t go into bankruptcy as a result of something you can’t control is priceless. 

    So I’m hoping Federal employees will help spread the word in the coming days. Make sure your family, friends, and acquaintances don’t miss out on the chance to have the coverage they need. 

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