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    Earth Day

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    By Dean Hunter, Director of Facilities, Security, and Emergency Management, OPM

    Last month we celebrated the forty-seventh annual Earth Day – a day for celebrating the world around us and raising awareness for the many environmental issues that need our attention in order to have a clean, healthy world. People across the globe recognized the day with service opportunities and awareness events to continue to make the crucial environmental changes we all need.

    Here at OPM, the celebration and commitment to sustainability continues year-round. I am proud to announce that OPM was nominated for a Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships award. The Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships is a non-profit dedicated to accelerating energy efficiency in the building sector through public policy, program strategies and education throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. We were nominated by the District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU) as one of their business partners for the work we’ve done with them to reduce our energy and water use.

    We’ve been making strategic changes for several years to curb our energy use and employ various energy efficient strategies. We’ve seen a significant decrease in our energy use as a result. Our partnership with DCSEU enabled us to obtain rebates for our energy and water reduction efforts. We’ve also installed new high efficiency chillers for the air conditioning system, optimizing air handler and cooling tower performance, and improving lighting, including installing dimmable lighting in stairwells.

    I am honored that our team has been recognized for their leadership in energy efficiency as well as for their innovation in their solutions. We are in an old building that presents many challenges and the sustainability team helped create solutions that are effective and long lasting.

    We hope that for many years to come we will continue to be a part of the solutions to the environmental problems our world faces.

    Some of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders can be found in our great nation.  From the majestic Niagara Falls in New York to the Florida Everglades to the stunning glaciers of Alaska, our country is full of natural treasures. 

    As a Colorado native, one of my favorite outdoor escapes—that can only be described as a work of art—is Rocky Mountain National Park.  With its vast hiking trails, a wide array of wildlife, fields of flowers, and crystal blue skies, it is the perfect place to bask in Mother Nature.  Standing along the edge of Trail Ridge Road makes you feel like you're on top of the world!  Even as I reminisce about its spectacular views, I feel a sense of serenity.

    I don’t want Rocky Mountain National Park to be a memory.  I want future generations to enjoy and explore its beauty, as I have.

    This planet is our home—where we live, work, and play.  And its health affects our families, our communities, our economies, our security, and our future.

    That’s why the President is taking action to tackle climate change.  And it’s why he’s asking all of us to take part.  So go to and post something about your favorite natural treasure. 

    It’s our time to lead.  Happy Earth Day 2015!

    Photo of Rocky Mountain National Park. Mountains in the background with a golden sunset. Pond is in the forefront of the photo with a reflection of the mountains and sunset.

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