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Hi Ms. Leifert,

The federal government does not allow age preference in hiring.

I'm sorry to hear that you have not met with the success you've hoped for, please do not stop trying. This USAJOBS link can assist you in applying for federal employment:

I hope this helps

Hi Ms. Gordon,

Thank you for your service!

This USAJOBS link has many helpful resources that can aid you in your quest for federal employment:

I hope this helps.

Hello, I have been applying for Federal employment since 2004 and have filled out in excess of 100 Federal applications this year alone. For the vast majority I have been graded Qualified up to Superior Qualified, but have not even had an interview. I am constantly too far behind people with more points. I did work full-time for the Census Bureau for two years but did not get any points or preference for that. I did a great job and was even promoted during that time. I am a little over 50 years old, and, let's face it, private employers are not knocking my door down to employ me. Can I get some points for being over 50? A medical condition kept me from serving in the military, but it's not severe enough that I'm disabled. I am still a very active, vital, able individual with lots to contribute, but is it time for me to give up trying to return to Federal employment?

Hi Ms. Blackwell, thank you for the blog entry,

TCF internships are in “Technical Career Fields” and are a VA program. 

Check the VA Careers website for more information at


I hope this helps.

Can you please tell me what new legal authorities are being used for TCF interns? I have the pathways information from last year that state the end of the old authorities but haven't seen anything stating what the new authorities are.

Hi Mrs. Marashi, thank you for your blog entry.  

The USAJOBS site is wonderful place to begin your search:

I hope this helps and, good luck.

Hi Jarred,

Thank you for your interest and excitement about Hiring Reform.

Hiring Reform was officially launched with the President's Memorandum Improving the Federal Recruitment and Hiring Process” of May 2010 with implementation continuing successfully throughout the federal government.

Greetings and salutations: I have been studying the explainations of the hiring reforms that have been directed by President Obama's executive order, and they sound very exciting and encouraging. I was wondering when they will be fully enacted and up-and-running in the year 2012. Thank you.

Hello! To may whom it concern. for while I was a stay home mom, so for the past 20 years i had couple jobs, the last one was I had it was 2009, since than I was not able to find other job, so i decided to get back to college, present I am college mom working on BA degree on Business Administrative,I am deep in debt with college loans, and I feel like a door mat by being a stay home mom, I miss working, I am very hard working,i can say I am workaholic, now my children are all ten agers, I feel I am not need it any longer in home, I know they do need their parent, but my husband is not working either, so I am ready to get back to work.I am looking for any office work,I can say that I can do almost any office work,because I am familiar with general office work, supervisor or a manager. Sincerely Zybejta "BETA" Marashi

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I have applied for more than 30 jobs in my career field, Using USAJOBS. I have been referred to many selection official, but never contacted. I call some of the hiring authority and i was told that a selection was made through name selections fron previous supervisor. I am a veterans and I need information on how to obtain an interview or job selection. In addition, many of the job i applied for were not filled with veterans. Please comply & send helpful information on how i can obtain employment as a Veterans. Merry Christmas!

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