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Hi James

I am sorry to hear that you've not been deemed “best qualified” for positions you believe you should have been selected for.

     The federal government does not use an applicant's race as a hiring component in any of its hiring practices; to discriminate in employment is against United States law, federal employment statues and is contrary to the goal to ‘hire the best talent' as public servants.

     While I understand your disappointment at not being a ‘best qualified’ candidate in the application and qualifications process, you could understand it to mean simply that others who have applied for that position were evaluated to have better qualifications than you, not that you've been discriminated against.

It may be helpful if you review and update your resume.

Please continue to apply for the positions you feel you qualify for.

Good luck in your search!


Post Date: 9/15/2011 at 8:17 AM Author: James Barth Title: Job Selection process is not even screened based on qualifications Post: If that were the case I would be hired, however; I do believe this. I think that the job selection is a little more selective in the Macon Georgia area for instance and they are basing it on Race, perhaps the whole OPM is like that. The reason I state this is: I am a sevice disabled veteran with a compensable injury, I am also an expert in my industry field,I work for the State of Georgia, and have worked for Lockheed in the past, however; I always get back the same response, I am not a veteran with a compensable disabilty, and I do not meet the best qualified either. I find that all just a little more than curious as I listed everything should someone screening have cared to read it. What I believe is this. Had I not been White I would have been the "Magical Fit for the job". But what can you expect when we have a president that has used that race card more times than I care to count. It is funny how EEOC guidelines does not affect OPM. Man what a joke

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