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How will appointments made through the new Pathways Internship Program differ from those made through SCEP? Specifically: 1. Does the current wording still allow agencies still free to use this hiring authority to meet their projected workload and attrition-based needs? It seems that the current language will greatly limit the use of internships for trade-skills training. 2. If agencies *are* able to use their projected workload and attrition-based needs to hire under this authority, what are the caps - if any - on the number of people hired that can be converted non-competitively to career or career-conditional status? 3. Is there anything in the proposed legislation that precludes or allows the use of community-based cooperative education models for the training of interns? In other words, can a training program work partner an educational institution under the new rules to create a customized educational program that integrates an academic course of study with work-related training? Is there someone that I could contact with additional questions on the new legislation? Thanks,


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