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Eric, hi and thanks for your question.


I'm sorry I cannot speak to the particulars of what the HR person told you, but as a matter of fact; federal government positions are never assessed or 'qualified' based on the salary of the applicant for that position.


We encourage you to continue to apply for the positions you feel you qualify for, and in the event that you're in a conversation with an HR specialist, don't forget to point up your wealth of knowledge, skills and ability to perform the duties of the position as advertised on USAJOBS.

And most importantly, in the resume/application that you submit for the 1750 positions that you desire, make sure you indicate how your experience answers that Agency's need, as reflected in the Job Opportunity Announcement.


I hope you find this useful…good luck in your search.

I am an Instructional Technology Specialist for a state university [employed over 6 years]. The average candidate does not have the type of experience, that I have. I provide online instructional design services to professors utilizing the Blackboard Learning Management System and various other specialized instructional technologies. If an Instructional Systems or Distance Learning positions is advertised, and I answer the questionnaire honestly with the highest ratings, I think that I should at least get an Eligible rating, instead with some positions I have never received any notification as to what happened. I was actually told by one HR contact that the reason I was not rated Eligible was because my current salary was too low for the advertised position [I work for the state and regardless what says, the state does not pay as well as the federal government]. This HR contact went on to explain that since my salary was too low then in reality I didn't actually have the specialized experience for the position; however, when I checked the OPM website, I found no reference that tied salary with specialized experience. Also there are other agencies where I was referred to positions. Thus, it seems that different agencies have different hiring practices. *** The positions that I mainly apply for is 1750 – Instructional Systems Series**** If an HR Specialist were to classify my current State Position for an equivalent Federal Occupation, it would fall under, "GS-1750 Instructional Systems". I rarely see this position advertised at a 7/8/9 GS rating. Over the last two years of applying to federal vacancies most of the Instructional Systems Specialist positions are posted at GS 11/12/13. ------------------------- If and applicant has all the KSA's to perform the position, should not meeting the Pay of a Grade Level disqualify him/her from meeting the minimum qualifications? Is the HR's assessment instrument Valid when Pay is concretely tied to specialized experience? ***

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