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I am excitied and eager to become a member of the civiliam service family but I am a little discouraged today. I have made several lists for the Cost/Price Analyst position and each time I am "not selected". I contact the appropriate person for a debrief only to discover that it is a sentence I need to add but at the end of the conversation, "I need to see more awards". My question is this: " If you the iniative is to make the process easier for a highly qualified person to obtain employment, then why am I consistantly being bumped because the private sector does not give awards and medals for performance? It would seem if I make it to the top 25 list, and I score 91 and above, I should be employed. I have been trying for 2 years with Redstone Arsenal. I just need some help dealing with this issue so that I can work. The unemployment rate would go down here if managers would not use this standard for positions such as these because no one from the outside would get hired.

Thank you Mr. Harmon for the blog entry.

These are great and specific questions.

While we're eager to answer you, the best forum to address the specificity and detail that your questions represent are best done if you email your questions to:

Our experts will be glad to provide you an answer to your questions.

Under the Pathways program there right now there is no requirement to be in college in a field directly related to the position. What happens the first time management wants to hire a student in the program as a permanent employee in a professional series with completely unrelated college courses. Once they convert from the Pathways program then they would fall under the OPM quals standards I assume. OPM Quals standards for professional positions require a degree directly related to the field. Would permanent students always be excempt from OPM quals standards? Would we not be able to hire permanent students in a professional series? If we can hire in a professional series would we have to terminate as soon as they coplete the Pathways program?

Mr Haman thank you for your post,

Information pertaining to grandfathering will be addressed in the forthcoming transition guidance once the Pathways regulations are finalized.  

We are hopeful that the regulations will be final Spring 2012.

Under the SCEP program students could be converted to Term and subsequently converted to permanent. Will those individuals currently on Term appointments be grandfathered under the SCEP provisions and allowed to be converted to permanent later or should we convert them prior to Pathways being effective?

Ms. Burmester,

Thank you for the blog entry.

Agencies are not authorized to use FCIP as a hiring authority.

Individuals who do not have personal non-competitive eligibility, i.e. Scheduled A, VRA, etc., must be hired using competitive procedures, i.e. DEU.

We expect the Pathway regulations to be released Spring 2012.

I hope this helps.

While we are waiting for the implementation of the Pathways program are agencies authorized to us the FCIP hiring authority? If not, and an agencies desires to bring in an intern to full-time employment, what authority may be used? Thank you!

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