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Thanks you for the question.

It means that Federal agencies may use the Pathways Programs.

Ms.Eide thank you for the question/s,

The Pathways regulation defines certificate program as "post-secondary education, in a qualifying educational institution, equivalent to at least one academic year of full-time study that is part of an accredited college-level, technical, trade, vocational, or business school curriculum." 

We hope this helps.

Ms. Frenzel,

Thank you for your blog entry.  

Veterans preference applies to the Pathways Programs. Many veterans may be availing themselves of the GI Bill to complete their education.

They deserve to have their preference applied should they seek a Federal job via Pathways. Pathways Programs are open to all students and recent graduates.  

We hope this helps.

Agencies will have 6-months to transition current Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP) and Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) appointees into the Pathways Programs.

Please contact your Human Resource Office/Department for further guidance

Thank you for your interest in the Pathways Programs and the Recent Graduates Program in particular. Issued in December 2010, Executive Order 13562 established a Pathways Programs framework with three program paths tailored to recruit, hire, develop, and retain students and recent graduates. While the Executive Order created the Pathways Programs, they are not yet operational. We are working vigorously to implement these programs and expect final regulations will be issued sometime this spring. Typically, there is a period of time between when final regulations are issued and when they become effective.

Once the Pathways Programs become effective, agencies may begin using them to hire and we will have more information on how to apply and where to find positions. Still, it may take some time before job opportunities are available.

For additional information and updates as they are available, please visit and You may also want to bookmark these pages for reference.

I hope this helps.

Ms. Peake,

When applying for an internship, you must apply with the agency you are interested in interning with, there is no central location for the intern applicant to apply.

For additional information, please visit and

Ms. Nobles, thank you for your blog entry…we anticipate the regulation governing the Pathways program to be released Spring of this year.


Thank you for the question...unfortunately due to the fact that the PRIORITY PLACEMENT PROGRAM (PPP) is a Department of Defense(DoD) program, I am not in the position to offer any advice, information or suggestions.

Thank you for your blog entry…we anticipate the regulation governing the Pathways program to be released Spring of this year.

That regulation and supplemental transition guidance will give definitive guidance for current SCEPs and STEPs.

I hope this helps.

Mr. Maye thank you for the question,

Students like yourself are the exact reason why we are creating the Pathways Programs.

Our goal is to create multiple ways that students and recent graduates can have careers in Federal service. If you are graduating soon, you may want to consider the Recent Graduates program, which will be brand new. Use this time to meet with managers and conduct informational interviews to determine where your best fit might be. Although agencies are not requires to participate, we anticipate that most will.

Best of luck on your search.

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