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    This month, OPM released the results of the 2010 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (Fedview), formerly called the Federal Human Capital Survey. We used the Fedview survey to gather data on employees’ perceptions in areas such as job satisfaction and engagement.

    Here are some of the questions about transparency, collaboration, and participation we asked in the 2010 survey:

    Over a quarter-million government employees responded to the survey. Read our Published Reports for narrative accounts of the results or check out the weighted and unweighted results to see the data.

    Now that we’ve collected the data, we need to act on the results. OPM is starting a new initiative through which we will provide customized support to agencies wishing to use the results of the survey to spur changes within their organizations.

    The Fedview survey is one way employees can help improve their agencies. Others include President Obama's SAVE Award, through which the Administration is collecting ideas from Federal employees on how to achieve efficiencies and savings within their agencies. We'd love to hear from you about other ways Federal employees might help bring about improvements at their agencies, especially at OPM.

    Please share your thoughts on the Fedview survey with us!


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